When God what to punish a nation he will give them an irresponsible and wicked leader and everything about them will be irresponsible.

The level of irresponsibility of President Muhammadu Buhari and his government are beyond human imagination, an embodiment of irresponsibility. The problem started from the top, if the person said to be the President is irresponsible what do you think his government/cabinet will be?

We can still remember how Mrs. Gladys Iyamah, a handicap mother of two paraplegic children was wrongfully accused of drug trafficking by Buhari and instead of trying her fairly, he unleashed the death sentence on her. On the 15th of May, 1985, the Supreme Military Council (SMC) confirmed the death sentences by firing squad passed on Gladys Iyamah and co. what could cause this type of attitude if not being irresponsibility, so it did not start today.

On 30th of December, 2015, during his media chat he accused, tried and sentenced our amiable Director, Mazi Nnamdi and Dasuki,  I don’t know when an illiterate like President Buhari become a lawyer or judge to judge and sentence who court of competent jurisdiction has freed. Because of Buhari’s irresponsibility and his government he has floated many court orders and because of the irresponsibility of the senate he couldn’t be impeached.

Do we talk of his ministers, like the one they say he is the Information and Culture Minister, Alhaji Lair Muhammad, who is an embodiment of devil, because we are told that devil is the father of all lair. The only truth that comes out of this man’s mouth is lie and nothing more. Even when he is caught red handed, he will still use lie and rescue himself. He got PHD in lie. This is what irresponsibility can cause.

Another bundle of irresponsibility is former Rivers State Governor, Chubuike Rotimi Amechi, he looted Rivers State treasury and could not account for ₦53 Billion from the Sate Reserve account that missed when he was the governor.

Fashola is another big thief that also constituted Buhari’s cabinets, it was recorded that Babatunde Fashola approved an outrageous N7.3 million from the state’s treasury for the upgrade of his personal website in 2014. Another questionable expenditure incurred by Fashola was ₦1.2 Billion spent on the construction of Pedestrian bridges along Oti-Osa Lekki Epe expressway, without specifying the number of bridges. In the same year he also awarded contract for the provision of wall signage in three magistrate court at the cost of ₦17 Million.

Fashola’s administration further spent N3.46 billion for the construction of a beach resort in Ilase and N61 million for a Range Rover SUV and 2 Toyota Hilux trucks as the official vehicle of the Chief Judge of the State. 

The document shows that the administration also spent N85 million for the repair and replacement of street signs.
Other curious expenses contained in the document include N330 million spent for the development of the residence of Mr. Fashola’s deputy, Adejoke Orelope-Adefulire, and N94 million spent on “printer consumables”. These men are so irresponsible and are big trait to democracy.

Twice in three months the Nigeria Senate has rejected President Muhammadu Buhari’s nomination of Ibrahim Magu as substantive chairman of Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC).

He was first appointed to act as acting chairman on November, 2015 and Nigerian senate rejected him on December 15, 2016. President Buhari went on to submit him again on 24, January 2017, and was also rejected for the second time on 16th March, 2017, and even till now the presidency is still insisting that the same person the senate rejected must be the EFCC chairman, what a big slap to the senate; irresponsibility!

For not wearing complete uniform as instructed, the Senate on Thursday 17th March, sent back the Comptroller-General of Nigeria Customs Service, NCS, Col. Hameed Ibrahim Ali, Rtd and asked him to come back next week Wednesday in Customs uniform. You see what irresponsibility can cause.

Nigeria is under a curse, and everything it comes in contact becomes cursed because it is ruled by cursed and irresponsible men and women.


 - Obulose Chidiebere
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