Anybody looking for cure to Nigeria’s unending disarray should look no further, surprised or waiting for the miracle deliverance from anywhere, should zero down in the North and their Governors as well as Born to Rule Presidents.  It should be emphasized one more time that there is nothing like Nigeria.  There was never a country or meeting of the minds from the North, West and East.  We were used for experimental purposes only with Northern Nigeria given undue and undeserved power (militarily) by the British so as to succeed in their economic ventures which they value more than the lives of the indigenes which they have no regards for their welfare.

The reason for touching on this issue is to show how the rest of the then Nigeria was controlled by the Hausa/Fulani.  Little or no respect to human lives hence, innocent non-Muslims are continuously massacred with no end in sight.  The main fuse to this problem is the ruthless policy of Britain against the Biafrans and these institutionalized atrocities are carried out with impunity.  Where then is the international bodies that have been assigned to check and effect justice against the offenders?  Nigeria being amongst the worst is under the umbrella of the British government for protection.


For almost 51 days Buhari was sick and was out of the country, there was little or no activities from Boko Haram.  The most disastrous deaths actually was when the Nigerian Air Force killed hundreds of displaced citizens and Buhari left the country the following day. Who were those bombed?  Christians.  Coincidence?

There was also calm in the cattle Herdsmen savagery, but as soon as Buhari came back, the fuel caught fire more attacks on southern Kaduna started so as the attack at Uzoitem in Abia State.  One will not also fail to mention the attack of the Yorubas in Ile Ife which resulted in the loss of lives by the Hausa/Fulani.  Coincidence?  Not of course because the Northerners feel that their power through Buhari has been restored.

To fools who still believe in Buhari and his Changi and those who seriously want him gone, did you see what he told Governor Ortom of Benue State?  How can a so-called President inform a whole governor of a state that he is looking for trouble because he threatened to bus the Herdsmen out of Benue State in other to save his people.  You heard that from the horse's mouth.  How much power by making this kind of statement do you think the Herdsmen will exhibit to peace loving citizens?  Surprised?  Not exactly.

Since Buhari came back, the activities of Boko Haram have increased.  Where then is Tukur Buratai who harboured Boko Haram then came to tell us that they have been technically defeated.  What a lie.  Shekur just made the world know that he is still alive and well.  How can this be possible Buhari and Buratai?  He has made his plan to take over all of Africa which of course is your plan as well, so, who is fooling who?


It will be very interesting to try to make sense out of one IBRAHIM ABUBAKAR of the SAVE HUMANITY ADVOCACY CENTRE.  This Executive Secretary of this organization attacked the Amnesty International for exposing Nigeria’s military atrocities on IPOB members, he further went on to fault Amnesty International on Boko Haram as well as Zaria killings.  Ibrahim Abubakar, those atrocities were responsible for Amnesty International’s presence and not the other way round.  He therefore, is puffing off smoke with no single fact.  May Ibrahim produce for public viewing the response or condemnation of his organization on the massacre of innocent young Biafrans.  Asking for the expulsion of AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL shows that you murderous criminals have something up your sleeves you are planning and want to hide.  It is shameful for your organization to use such a name as a cover up for the atrocities you Northerners are carrying out.

What stops the Arewas from answering Nigeria and do whatever they see fit with it and leave out the Oduduwas and the Biafrans?  We are simply not the same so when will you start understanding this?
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