The IPOB in view of the shameless and disgraceful act of state sponsored vandalism and terrorism directed against The Amnesty International unequivocally and in strongest terms​ condemn such acts. The Amnesty International is a nonpartisan Agency set up by the world body to monitor human rights abuses by repressive and dictatorial regimes of which Nigeria, it's leader and law enforcement agencies fall into.

The renting of hooligans, thugs and women from northern part of the country to terrorize and cause the exit of this Agency out of Nigeria by Mohammed Buhari is the lowest behaviour of any Government that swore to abide by International rule of laws and standards.  The presence of Amnesty International is as a result of Nigeria’s human right abuses and indiscriminate killings of unarmed Biafrans, Christians and Muslims of different sect.  These atrocities have been going on for many years followed by state denials and fake inquiries that yields no results.  The worst of these atrocities manifested under the leadership of Africa's Hitler Mohammed Buhari with the aid of his military under Tukur Buratai, Boko Haram and FULANI Herdsmen.

The criminal Buhari regime detest the truth and wants to prevent the world from knowing and seeing the true pictures of what kind of ethnic cleansing that is taking place inside Nigeria.  The atrocities of Buhari's Government were the reason Amnesty International came to find the truth, they did and published to the world what is happening inside Nigeria.
The IPOB strongly condemned the activities of the British government and the British Broadcasting Corporation's help to Nigeria to question and deny the authenticity of undisputable facts and videos supporting their report.  As can be seen, the Nigerian government no longer have respect for International laws with regard to human rights.  To give more credence to our accusations, videos of those Amnesty attackers hired by Buhari can clearly be seen sharing the content of their brown envelope.

We demand investigation as to why such body should be attacked without Security protection which further supports evidence of conspiracy by the Government of Buhari.  This government thinks she is above International rules because of the blind eye support from the British.  We also demand that Nigeria under no circumstances should from henceforth hinder, obstruct, cover-up any investigation her behaviour might trigger that requires Amnesty International's investigation but rather should give unwavering support and assistance to the Agency.

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