The enemies of Biafra and those against its restoration under the leadership of mazi nnamdi kanu who has being on illegal detention in Nigeria prison since 2015 for agitating for self determination of his Biafran people both in Biafra land, Nigeria and other countries of the world has been thrown into great pandemonium following the rapid spreading of the good news and evangelism which is yielding a successful result, all over the world wherever Biafrans are located especially in Biafra land and Enugwu state in particular, who does not rest on their oars through the help of the members of IPOB in the state and the state leaders in making sure that the message gets to all corners of the state both in urban and rural areas.

on Monday 13th of march 2017, not up to 24 hours after they stormed Igbo-eze north, Igbo-eze south and Nsukka local government of Enugwu State, they embarked on another evangelism tour to Udi local government area of Enugwu state Biafra where they visited Amofia-agu-affa and inaugurated Affa zone.

The occasion which took place at st Michael catholic church in the community attracted a good number of women, youths and men who expressed their unlimited joy for the timely visitation, following the heavy rainfall particularly in Udi local government area as at the time of the visit, which the people described as a divine rain, because in the Biafra religion if it rains during such visitation, or marriage visitation that shows chukwuokikiabiama signed it and he will grand it. With this reason alone the people came out in mass such that the church hall being used for the occasion was filled with high capacity of the Biafrans in the community.

while addressing them, the Enugwu state IPOB coordinator pastor Eze, who was represented by his deputy, mazi Ikedinekpere O. thanked the people for the warm welcome given to them and for accepting to stand with the leader of the group, mazi nnamdi kanu though in the prison, he equally told them that the struggle for Biafra restoration is not personal, therefore they should take it to others because "gidigidi bu ugwu eze" meaning that the multitude is the honor of a king, and by so doing Biafra will be restored in no distant time in this our generation.

Speaking on her own side before the official inauguration was done, the Enugwu state women leader who is always on the forefront since she joined the struggle and was well recognized through her outstanding performances in the struggle, Oriaku Onyekachi Ubenyi who equally came along with some of her women colleagues in the state for the inauguration, urged the women to always give support to whatever the IPOB are doing, knowing the fact  that women play an important role in nation building, and they have much prowess which can destroy and on the other hand build, but she urged them to use theirs to help and build the nation of Biafra.

The people unanimously demanded to know what their benefit will be when Biafra will  fully be restored and while reacting to that, Mazi IfeanyiGod G. Onyibor who led the inuoguration team to the community assured them that it is not going to be like what the Nigeria government always do during the election where they bring a bag of salt and a bag of maggi to share among themselves, just to get their votes and when they get to the government, they will forsake them, rather the government of Biafra will make sure that their rights will be given to them, and the infrastructural development will be paid a serious attention to, thereby bettering the lives of the people. Still on that the state women leader Oriaku Onyekachi Ubenyi assured the people that the government of Biafra if restored will ensure the equality of all the citizens.

Meanwhile, one of the Biafran veteran who is also from the community, mazi Okafor who has being following the IPOB under the leadership of Nnamdi Kanu, a member of the union in Abakpa Zone, Enugwu east local government area Enugwu state, who came along with the inauguration team from the Enugwu town despite his old age, encouraged the people to remain strong because the sufferings of the Biafran people over the years starting from the time of the civil war till date will not be in vain, because chukwuokikiabiama will release the leader of IPOB and the director of radio Biafra and Biafra television and make Biafra to come, he further warned that those involved in the struggle should desist from evil because that is the only thing that will make our creator to turn his back to us, using the experience he had during the war in the 1967 to 1970 as a formal Biafran soldier as an example.

Nevertheless, the people Selected Mazi IfeanyiGod Gabriel Onyibor also known as (Otinkpu Yeshwa) the  of the soil who is equally an active member of IPOB in Abakpa zone in Enugwu east local government in town, before he brought the good news to his people, to be the coordinator of the Affa IPOB zone in Udi local government area of Enugwu state Biafra land. And while he was addressing the news men after the event the new coordinator, thanked his people for coming out to support the struggle for the restoration of God's kingdom on earth, Biafra, he equally thanked the Rev. father who is the priest in charge of the St. Michael catholic church used for the event and further pledged to work hard on his own part to make sure that Biafra comes to actualization during our own generation.

Meanwhile the occasion attracted the presence of the district coordinator of Enugwu west, mazi Ifeanyi Okorie, the Udi local government area coordinator, mazi Sunday Ogazi, the Enugwu state media leader, Mazi Godswill Maduabuchi, the formal leader of the state media who is now the deputy state media leader and the executive director of programmes in BTV Enugwu, Nze Dike and so many other crew members in Enuguwu state were also in attendance.

The gathering which started with prayers to Chukwu-okike-abiama ended with prayers as the leader of the union, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, others and those who has lost their lives in the struggle were prayed for.

- Ogeh Friday Igiri 
  Enugwu Media Team
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