March 04, 2017

By C.K Fidelis

The indigenous people of Biafra is the only credible voice of Biafrans because it is an organisation that is truly devoted to the genuine pursuit of the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra.
IPOB Leader and director of Radio Biafra, Dr Nnamdi Kanu has courageously and expressly made this possible by showcasing the original nature of the Biafrans, precisely the Igbo man which was lost as a result of hunger and deprivation imposed on the people during the Biafra-Nigeria civil war of 1967 – 1970.

Before the war, the Igbo man was a man of honour and dignity, known for his astuteness and integrity; the Biafrans were people of huge personalities with branded intelligence. They were simply “Voluptuous Specimens”. The late Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, Owelle of Onitsha was one of those Biafrans of impeccable integrity that spearheaded the struggle for Nigerian Independence.

The white men were not able to bribe him over, so he never abandoned the project until it was actualized. Chief Chukwu Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu was another Biafran hero, our general and warrior who was full of honour and integrity, a selfless personality who refused to be corrupted by the dirty politics of the Northern predators.

That is the real nature of the Biafrans. The idea of sycophancy came into the lives of the Biafrans during and after the civil war as a result of the blockade ordered by Awolowo which caused so much hunger and starvation leading to the deaths of millions of Biafran men, women and Children. So the enemies would offer peanuts to the hungry Biafran in return to lead the enemy to where Biafran soldiers were just to make a few bucks to survive on. This is exactly was what Ifeajuana did when he collected money to betray the Biafran army.

That is how Biafrans lost their glory, till date Biafrans remained marginalised in the political arena and all the Biafran politicians became sycophants to wealth, they limited their political interest to whatever personal and pecuniary benefit they could get from the power holders, the Northern politicians. This is simply the reason why no politician can stand up and convince the people to trust him; There has never been any credible elections in this contraption called Nigeria. It is because the Biafran people had then never seen the man to trust.

There was a man, a wolf who was smart enough to observe that the Biafran people were actually looking for a leader they can trust, his name is Ralph Uwazuruike, the leader of MASSOB. This man seized this opportunity to steal the hearts of the Biafrans, and everyone believed in him but that trust was lost when it became clear that he was ripping off the already suffering people of Biafra, the people were so disappointed, it was the second major betrayal after that of Major Ifeajuana in the history of Biafran struggle.

This traitor Ralph Uwazuruike was abandoned by the people who now remained without a leader until in 2012 when the God of heaven, Chukwu Okike Abiama sent his prophet to come and console the people who have lost all hope in the Nigerian project.

THEN CAME IPOB, the Indigenous People of Biafra under the leadership of Dr. Nnamdi Kanu, and the hope of the people was restored in its fullness. The reason you see Biafrans coming out in the face of live bullets, to give full support to a man who is not after his selfish gains but for the interest of his people. How much did Nnamdi Kanu pay to gather such a marmot and resolute crowd, nothing but the fact that he has shown that he could be trusted and the people give in their lives just to support a man they trust.

Therefore, the essence of this article is to reactivate the understanding of the West that they would be making so many mistakes by listening to anyone, any politician or whatever he may call himself, who claims to represent the Biafran people in any way. THE BIAFRANS HAVE NO OTHER VOICE EXCEPT THAT OF NNAMDI KANU AND IPOB.

Edited by Mazi Collins
Published by  IPOB Writers
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