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Editor: Prince Richmond C. Amadi

The attempts by justice Binta Asabe  Nyako to smuggle sharia law into the fantom case against the leader of indigenous people of Biafra Dr. Nnamdi Kanu who also is the director of radio Biafra London will mark the end of Islam in west Africa and by detention in Africa.

In 1999, when one of the Islamic cavemen Alhaji Ahmed Rufai Sani Yerima, then governor of Zanfara state, pushed the sharia implementation issues into the Nigeria airwaves, raising an ugly dust, Sani Yerima had wished sharia practice is implemented at all level in Nigeria.

The then head of state and president of Nigeria Mr. Olusegun Obasanjo a Christian bluntly refused to prosecute Sani Yerima in or out of office rather, Obasanjo said quotes: the sharia debate will fizzle out in no time, how wrong he later became.

Ahmed Yerima, born on the 22nd of July, 1960 is a sunny Moslem, loyal to Saudi Arabia, world Islamic league and a faithful servant of Moslem Ullamas the highest Islamic decision makers in Nigeria.

Yerima who implemented sharia throughout his tenure in office as a governor is now a senator for Zanfara west and deputy minority leader in the senate.

The spread and institutionalization of sharia in the north west, north east and partially north-central is the single hand work of Sani Yerima.
Because of the inability of Olusegun  Obasanjo's government in stopping Shari spread in the zones mentioned above, the former president of Ghana J.J.Rawlings was quoted to have said in one of  Ghana news that SOMETHING IS COOKING IN NIGERIA AND VERY SOON, ALL WILL SUP FROM THIS CUP OF INIQUITY.

Obviously, President Rawlings was referring to sharia law implementation without challenge in northern Nigeria.
Rawlings went further to advise, saying, empty the contents and allow the cup to remain or destroy both the cup and its contents.
The meaning of Rawlings wise counsel is an open one, do away with sharia law or Nigeria and sharia law will be done away with.

To the best of my knowledge sharia is a religious law which forms part of Islamic tradition rooted in Quran and one of it dangerous branch is FATWA.
A fatwa is a declaration of the death penalty upon anyone who rises against prophet Mohammed and Quran, it is pronounced by the so-called Islamic scholars on any infidels anywhere in the world.
This brings us to remember the book written by the fearless British author of satanic verses Salmon Rushdie published in 1988.

Having blasphemed their prophet and religion in his book according to the Moslems, the fatwa was declared upon this world-class writer.

Boko haram denounced America and Europe declaring western education as evil and a sin, with this single act of bravado, every Nigeria will be forced to drink from this cup of iniquity “sharia” according to J.J Rawlings.

  Since the advocates, Mohamadu Buhari, Alhaji Ahmed Rufai Sani Yerima, Alhaji Ahmed Bola Tinubu and Alhaji Baba Tunde Fashola have their grips and controlling the entire Nigeria state machinery, a compelling ordinary woman like justice Binta Nyako to revert all court proceedings into sharia law is as easy as anyone can think or imagined.

Despite the above analysis, the old eastern region comprising South South and the South East knew and talked BIAFRA remains immune to Islamization how much less sharia enforcement in the region.

BIAFRANS are JudahyoChristian believers and as such,  have their different culture and tradition completely.

As arguably predicted by J.J Rawlings, justice Binta Nyako becomes the first religious war victim in west Africa because she allowed herself to become a victim.

How did she become a judge if she cannot read between the lines? The question she threw to the legal team of Dr. Nnamdi Kanu IPOB leader worldwide saying,  did you read sharia?   is an aberration and moral rectitude, which she will discover too late that she has been used as a scapegoat.

The indigenous people of Biafra under the leadership of Dr. Nnamdi Kanu will resist every further attempts, moves, maneuver or tactical infusion of sharia illegality in whatever case the zoo Islamic government is bringing against us. In fact , they should bury their heads in shame for such a long time delay from the release of director of radio Biafra London.

We demand his unconditional release alongside other Biafrans detained illegally with him.
The world must take note, sharia has no place in  Biafraland.
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  1. Yes Oh! How can Britain come to this part of west Africa and fake installment of crazed Islamic jihadist and put them in power over Christians with a promise to enslave Christians, murder Christians, and use the Christians God given natural resources to help the mentally sick madness in practice Islam jihadist? Britain come up with Anglican Church or the Church of England, yet Britain connive with Islam jihadist to Islamize and implement the lunatic sharia? That harlot Binta Nyako woman should be warned!!!