■ Author: Ugochinyere Onyechere 
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■ March 14, 2017
The African continent has become the worst domiciled and imbecilic race I have ever seen or heard of. Whiteman supremacy has evacuated the little wisdom and knowledge given to them by the creator. In the western world, things are done in accordance without the ideas or advice from the African continent. Other continents of the world are independent, yet Africa remains a slave. No wonder they called us monkeys; disguise and humiliate us. The western world has dominated the greatest hierarchy of the earth. This is why in the history of man; no country was colonized by Africa. All the African countries were once invaded by these wolfs in sheep clothing. Now understand why Africa has remained so poor to her detriments. In Africa, self-determination is a treasonable felony; while legal in the western world. People at times blame this at the ruling classes. I must tell you that it’s never their faults since the western world has chosen to useless the African continent using their leaders. Freedom seekers are jailed and imprisoned in Africa, while the western world does otherwise. Worst still, the generation of Africa keep wallowing in savagery, slavery, and intimidation; suffering and smiling. The Scotish movement has been in the referendum tables of the United Kingdom. Their lost has never made them as hopeless as the people of Biafra before the emergence of IPOB under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. The Scotish sought for Independence even though they weren’t humiliated, killed, jailed and maltreated like Biafrans and the Southern Cameroonians of today. The Scotish are living as though they are free. They are not experiencing one-quarter of what Biafrans are experiencing in the contraption created by Britain. France and Britain have been the mediators of the ugly events taking place on our continent today; that’s why they won’t stop using those gullible who do not think with their brains, rather with their anus. Slavery has allowed the so-called leaders of the African continent. Mandela of South Africa was jailed because he wants to free his people. How many European, Asian, Southern and Northern America, and Austrian freedom fighters were killed nor imprisoned? Britain is the colonial masters of Nigeria, I mean that contraption. Why do they enjoy their fundamental human rights, whereas denying others theirs? I felt cheated on hearing a statement made by a France Ambassador saying that Biafrans should forget about their quest; saying we do not have hope. What a deteriorative statement! I am waiting to hear him address the Scotish on that issue too. Catalonians weren’t shot nor jailed for protesting; they were given the freedom and rights of making choices of their political determinations and social efficiencies. Why are Biafrans still going through mass arrests and killings for seeking for what Catalonians sought? What is wrong in giving Africa liberties without much persuasion? Will heaven fall to the earth if Biafrans are allowed to go the same way Catalonians were? African leaders would never learn good things from their masters; they go to and fro to get advises on how to handle their countries. Yet they celebrate golden and silver jubilees of independence. Do they actually know the meaning of one being independence? A country that is operating under the advice of her creators is ignorantly under their influence. They African leaders have failed this generation. Thanks to the almighty creator for raising someone like Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. He is the only savior Africans can have. Without the restoration of Biafra, Africa will continue in this darkness. The Liberator is only Mazi Nnamdi Kanu; that is why the so-called Igbo socio-group cannot undermine our quest. The Nigerian state is just a mere geopolitical erosion; to be graded at the appointed time. Biafrans are here to take back this lost glory. There are no two ways about it, Britain and her partners in crimes will soon understand our plights. If Scotland is given the free right to decide their fate, Biafrans must get that right either peacefully or otherwise. The detained leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is the reason Africa is convinced to be an animal kingdom. No hopeful leader and they are doing their best to inject the same spirit into this new generation. We have come out to destroy this ploy, and we must achieve it greater with the sovereign nation of Biafra.

Editor Udeagha Obasi
For Umuchiukwu Writers.
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  1. A message to French Ambassador Denys Gauer! This is no longer the days of Biafra slavery to Hausa-Fulani and Yoruba that the Britain especially has enjoyed for decades of years. Britain shall not keep Biafra under the shackles chains of Hausa-Fulani and Yoruba. The French Ambassador Deny Gauer should not just speak on social media to make an impression to please Britain, and the Hausa-Fulani & the Yoruba or the Islamic jihadist, instead he go and visit Biafra land and see for himself the massive curse, human right violations, environmental pollution, health disaster, dehumanization that the so called British created Nigeria has brought on the land and people of Biafra. It is the people of Biafra that bears the suffering pains that the British brought not Denys Gauer himself! Biafra must be free from the slavery chains of the British!!!

  2. He's bn very so
    Sent amidst all atrocities, n, mehems ongoing Ind contraption, called Nigeria by fula herdsmen, n, military. But could only rant 2 Starr negativity, nd, undiplomatic confusion amidst a peaceful,unarmed dignified lawful purposes of people of #biafra.