Buhari: Symbol of dead Nigeria
By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

Nigeria is already withered, dirty, and dead. Yet its leaders continue to do what they have been doing all their lives expecting a result that is different. They continue with their unending battle to keep Biafra from its heaven-ordained freedom, without knowing that no land or people ever progressed amides conflicts. So, the result is that Nigeria continues to hurtle down the fast lane to abyss while Biafra continues to blossom in beauty and colour.
This is why Nigeria’s educational system, its streets and roads are in shambles. Its universities are glorified kindergarten schools, while its graduates are half-baked illiterates. Its universities have no integrity as it has been turned to places where lecturers collect bribes and sleep with girls to give them pass marks in exams. The country no longer has a mind of its own as it now runs the school curricula of other countries. It has no factories as all have closed down and gone to neighboring countries like Ghana and Angola, while its currency is as worthless as toilet papers. Yet they have continued on their way to abyss.
Hardly do they realize that the piece of land called Nigeria and those inhabiting it can only make progress when Biafra is free. But as a foolish, wicked and senseless people, they continue in their folly. Even now, they have not realized the folly of keeping an unwilling people within their so-called boundaries.
That was why they planned and did what they did on Friday, March 10, 2011. On that day, they graphically presented to the world, a picture of the withered, rusty and dying Nigeria, contrasted with beautiful, fresh, and rejuvenated Biafra. It was on that date that they release their Hollywood movie of their returning President Muhammadu Buhari. Incidentally, while they were doing that, they did not know they were inadvertently contrasting Nigeria with the glowing picture of lively, fresh and burgeoning Biafra.
The development came about with Nigeria trying to hide from Nigerians (the baboons and monkeys) the long advertised Biafra Genocide Exhibition, which was to take place at Biafra Embassy at Vitoria, Spain. The exhibition was coming with other wonderful attachments such as a seminar, a press conference, and strategies for the next stage of the Biafra independence thrust. In addition, it also wanted to obscure from the baboons and monkeys (Nigerians), the enthusiasm of Biafrans with the coming event. So it fixed its President’s return on that date.
Biafrans: in high spirits
The Biafran leadership had for months been advertising the Biafra Genocide Exhibition to be held at the Biafra Embassy in Vitoria Spain on that date. But the Nigerian government in its attempt to take away attention of its citizens (monkeys and baboons) from it plotted and decided to bring back their near-dead president on that day.
That was how they presented to the world Nigeria’s picture of death and decay, while Biafrans in Spain shamed them by presenting a picture of colour and liveliness. Therefore, Nigeria presented a dry boney and dying Buhari as symbol of what their country has become – a dying country. Biafrans presented a vibrant meeting of young and articulate minds, indicative of the fresh and lively Biafra.  
The activities that started that March 10, was a three-day programme that saw Biafrans take to the streets of Spain to draw attention to the plight of Biafrans.
Biafrans in a street in Spain


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