By Osinachi Nnamaga

Spirit appeared to Rev. Alhaji Usman Mohammed Ejike Mbaka. The spirit told him that the then Governor of Imo state Ikedia Ohakim has beaten up an un known Rev. Fr. Unknown  because even as of today, Rev. Alhaji Usmam Mohammed Mbaka has not made public the name of that Rev. Father he said the spirit told him was beaten up and dragged in a mud. 

The spirit asked Rev. Usman Mohammed Mbaka to composed a song against the the incumbent, Gov. Ikedia Ohakin of Imo state who was on  re-election bid. Mbaka quickly did what the spirit instructed him to do against Ikedia Ohakim despite that he Usman Mohammed Ejike Mbaka is not the catholic Bishop of Enugu whom by position and rank should say what happens in his diocese. Rev. Alhaji Usman Mohammed Ejike Mbaka usurped powers without the consent of his Bishop, his archbishop etc composed a character assassinating songs that defamed Gov. Ikedia Ohakim and made his loose his personalities and consequently lost the election to Rochas Okorocha. 

The same Rev. Alhaji Mohammed Usman Ejike Mbaka later confessed before the public that he was misled to punish the just, to defame the innocent the governor, he not only dethroned Ihedia Ohakim from the throne as a governor but also made him risked his life as many fanatical Christians like me would have shut Ikedia Ohakim dead if i had gotten the chance to do so. If there is anything holy about you, holy spirit on another mission flying even at ten killometres away from you, would have stopped and tell you to stop composing the song, that Ikedia Ohakin has not done anything like that. If no other thing is done, the spirit would have told you at least to first call Gov. Ikedia Ohakim first and ascertain the facts from him before composing your evil song. 

The composition of the songs may have at least took you two days or more, yet no STOP order form holy spirit.  There is no doubt if Rev. Alhaji Usman Ejike Mbaka is in communication with the spirits but the question is if those spirits are holy or evil spirits.  Good trees bears good fruits while evil trees trees bears evil fruits. Therefore, it is of no doubt that the spirit communicating with Rev. Alhaji Mohammed Usman Ejike Mbaka is evil spirits. Ejike Mbaka needed help from you and i. Same happens to whoever when the holy spirit departs. It happened to king Saul this way and evil spirits replaced and never get away until Saul was consumed. 

Consumed also with him were his followers and his soldiers who perished because of sin of  Saul against the most high God. 1Samuel:16. It is important to note that when the holy spirit of God departs from one, the evil spirits hurries in without wasting time in their thousands. Even in our present days, it happens because God never changes. There were stories that circulated when Edwin Okeke popularly known as Eddy-Nneogwu was killed. The story has it that at first, Edwin Okike was working and performing under God's anointed until some thing happened, the messages and powers from God disappeared. It was reported that Eddy couldn't hold and manage himself from the change that took place. 

From once powerful man of  God, miracle maker etc to an ordinary man. He went and sourced the powers from other places which were not of God and later, he was consumed just like Saul. Whether the story is truth or not is not important but the message from it. God can use and dump you, if you deviate from his ways. Men of God should be following God and not usurp powers and want God to follow them. Stories has it that, if a native doctor overcharged what the spirit empowering him demands, the spirit will either punish him in various ways or abandoned him like God did to King Samuel. We must not forget that it was still the almighty God who appointed Saul that disappointed him when he, Saul derailed from the way of God. To be cont.

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