By IPOB Writers

Memories are alive because not too long ago, the Nigerian Army under the command of Army Chief Buratia was accused of inhumane acts on unarmed Biafrans, Buratai and his culprits denied such attrocities and went as far as saying that his Soldiers are professional (targeting Biafrans).  He and his PRO tried to shamelessly deny the undeniable with videos squarely against them.

The truth to the matter is that these soldiers are classless, raw and have no sense of judgement or morals.  Your soldiers are not real soldiers because they are civilian targeted soldiers meant to terrorize Biafrans, as a matter of fact, they are Boko Haram terrorists in army uniform just as you have the same Boko Haram terrorists in police uniform terrorizing Biafrans.
The world as I may pray will see the shameless, coward, heartless and disgusting beatings of a crippled harmless Biafran at Onitsha in Biafra land.  His crime? wearing a camouflage shirt.  It was so disgusting that tears rolled down my cheeks.

First your MPS (Military Police) as their truck indicates, stopped in the middle of the street, two soldiers came out, takes the victims wheel chair and throws it away thereby causing damage to it.
Secondly, they descended on the helpless boy/man with sticks and batons and beat the day lights out of him and dragged him all over the dirt.  What was the crime for just wearing a dirty camouflage shirt which might be all that he owns?  If that shirt is so important to those thugs, what stops them from finding him a shirt to wear due to his helpless condition, seize the camouflage, caution him not to wear it or even ignore him entirely.
This crime is very unpardonable and demand that those soldiers be discharged from the Army because they are a threat to the community.  This further goes to show how primitive and backwards the Northern soldiers are.  The civilize world is watching and we do not want you to represent Biafrans.  GO BACK TO THE NORTH BECAUSE YOU GUYS ARE SENSELESS ANIMALS WITHOUT ANY HUMAN FEELINGS.

The state Governor must without delay call for the arrest of these criminals.  They are Nigerian/Boko Haram criminals parading in military  uniforms.  If the State Governor fails to act, the citizens of the state must demand for the resignation of the Governor.

This is one of the reasons Biafrans should wake up and opt out of this zoo country without further delay.  There is nothing for you in Nigeria and do not fool yourselves.  They kill Biafran children, boys, women and the crippled.  As long as you are a Biafran, you are targeted to be killed, what other proof do you need?

BURUTAI AND HIS  PRO, watch the Facebook video and defend your so-called "professional soldiers whose image are being tarnished ."  Army Uniform does not make you a soldier but your spirit.  We are not at war but due to Buhari, democracy have been turned upside down and the military is everywhere.  What happened to the democratically elected government?
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