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The turmoil in the government of Nigeria is a reflection of its functionality since her birth in October 1, 1960 Independence.   There is nothing new that this country has to offer as a nation to her citizens due to the diversity in relation to ethnicity.  We can no longer continue to dwell on this issue.  There is undeniable disunity as a result of this ethnicity differences like  Policies,  budgets, appointments on Federal levels, execution of judicial policies and rulings, disenfranchisement, denial and implementation of infrastructural policies and promises, religious killings, lack of truth, cheat and stealing, enslavement and subjugation with intent to silence the Indigenous people of the Biafra, calculated plan to wipe out a particular race and greedily confiscate their land and  natural resources. 

These are the institutional crimes planned, concealed and executed by a government against a particular race.  The acts have been going on before the independence of Nigeria from Britain.  Furthermore, the exclusion of these ugly history of killings and atrocities from schools starting from before 1945 and up till date is another example.

The recent call by some Yoruba ex Judicial official and the Hausa Fulani men like Abubakar for inclusion of Biafrans in the Government speaks volumes.  These people know what is going on in Nigeria and therefore require that it be addressed. To them, thank you for speaking but it is too late.

We do not need the office of the Presidency in a hopeless and shameless murderous country.  Too much blood of the Biafrans have been spilled in the streets of Northern Nigeria and Lagos for no reason other than the fact that they are Biafrans.  Over 3.5 million Biafrans killed between 1967/70 genocidal war why?
After the war nothing changed and the killings continued up till now February 2017.  We do not see an end to this.

Do you think that the Biafrans are so stupid not to know when to say that enough is enough?  Why this so much hate?  If all these are present, why do you want them to still be part of Nigeria?  Anybody from either the Hausa/Fulani or Yoruba race should give a reason why they still want Biafra to be part and parcel of Nigeria when they are they ones, using their soldiers to kill the same Biafrans. 

Nigeria is evil and a lie, therefore, have unfortunately come to an end.  Build your own country without us because we have already been excluded since after 1960 independence.  Had it not been due to the availability of crude oil which is the prime reason for keeping us in Nigeria tell us why we should or how we have been a part and parcel of this evil country.  Upon all the killings to show how treacherous you Hausa/Fulani’s and Yorubas are towards Biafra, show proof of condemnation of your peoples crime against Biafrans.  Sorry you just can show a proof.

Therefore, Biafrans want to control their future and there is nothing wrong with that and we do not exclude normal nation to nation contact because all we want is live and wake up the next morning. 

Restructuring?   It will still be Nigeria therefore too late and unacceptable

Presidency?   Foolishness because Goodluck Jonathan was hated by the Hausa/ Fulanis and Yorubas because he is a Biafran.  Any Biafran going after this bait is greedy and foolish because the same fate will befall you and thereby prolonging the inevitable.

Biafra?  Yes this is your indigenous God given land and wealth and dare you to lose it to thieves.  Defend it with all your brains, your might, your strength and your power.  If you are not safe in your own land, where else will you be safe?  It is time to stop believing all these lies told to you over 100 years ago.            
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