Biafrans in Egbelu Obube autonomous community of Owerri North LGA in Imo State are on a heavy shock as their lands are handed over to Nigeria Airforce for Barrack construction without compensation. Imo Media Crew were on fact finding in the community to ascertain what is on ground, and were shock by the heavy military build-ups in the community. While feuding questions from the indigenes of Egbelu Obube, the people finger the state Governor (Rochas Okorocha and his inlaw Rngr. Celestine Ololo) as parties in the forceful taken over of their lands. The villagers who spoke to us wondered why such project will be sited on their lands by the federal government without compensation. Many frown on the decision to have a military base in the heart of the community with no land space for such project. Those who do not want their names on print stated “Engr. Celestine Ololo who is Governor Rochas in-law took such decision to cede the community land to Nigeria Airforce without consultation with the owners of the land. We feel they have taken money from the federal Government and deploy the Army here to intimidate us”. Another villager who spoke to us stated his fear when he said, “my fear is that this is a ploy to siege Biafraland or a mission creed from the partially failed herdsmen settlement debated in the State Assembly. You know that wherever there is a military Barrack, there is always high clustery of Hausa/Fulani people. That will endanger the security of our people. What Rochas is doing is to bring in herdsmen in our community through cover up of Airforce Barrack. Our people will fight with our last blood to make sure this does not happen. As you can see, the military men are here well arms as if there is war in this community”. It will be recall that Imo state legislative arm some time ago debated for creating of “grazing ground” within the state which was later dropped due to public outcry. Our findings has shown that the above mentioned Engr. Celestine Ololo is an indigene of Egbelu Obube and in the same hand, an in-law to the state Governor. The forceful taken over of community lands and deployment of military men to quail eventual protest is a height of intimidation on the side of Imo State Government and Nigeria Airforce.

- Austin Paul
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