By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

Folks react in different ways to stimuli. While some may rave and curse as result of a development, an action or word, others may take same with some measure of coolness, calmness, and level-headedness.

Ralph Uwazuruike, the fake lawyer who messed himself up by messing up the Biafra restoration effort, is currently acting out the “rave and curse” part as his lies and deception on the Biafra restoration effort is exposed. He has been throwing childish tantrums since his fakery was made most evident to Biafrans and none Biafrans alike; and since Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under Nnamdi Kanu has proven to be the true leaders of the Biafra course. He has continued to rave and lie and curse Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

Not succeeding in his attempt to derail the struggle, he has continued, even when many of his partners in crime have repented, apologized and moved on. Others have even joined the true struggle under IPOB. But Uwazuruike has shown himself as the Lucifer that will never repent. Instead he has constituted himself into a nuisance by going from one discredited Nigerian media house to the other to spread lies and falsehood about Kanu and IPOB.

Uwazuruike’s latest activity has been the sending out of many of his moronic followers – half-educated fools – to help in spreading his falsehood, lies and half-truths on social media. They will claim that Uwazuruike established Radio Biafra, and Kanu hijacked it. They will claim that Uwazuruike wanted to help Kanu but he (Kanu) turned against him. They will claim that Kanu was jobless in London before Uwazuruike wanted to help him out. They have been claiming many things, but they have been all lies. Biafrans should ignore them.

Uwazuruike and his agents forget that there are still millions of Biafrans alive who witnessed all that transpired. We all knew what it took Kanu to get UK Visa for Uwazuruike, and to transport him to London during his first visit to the country. It was to help him see the facilities Kanu has already put in place in Radio Biafra studio before he was able to release the funds to meet his own side of the bargain – which was to pay for the Satellite transmission of the signals.

We all knew how Uwazuruike reneged from paying the next installment of the satellite transmission of the signals after he was approached by Nigerian government, and bribed to stop the radio. We all knew how Uwazuruike then cut all communications with the radio crew after many had called on the radio to claim that he had already sold out and was not ready to make the payment.

We all knew how the crew travelled down to Nigeria/Biafraland to get direct contact with Uwazuruike, and how Uwazuruike refused to see them and made himself incommunicado. We all knew also how Uwazuruike called on Nigerian Police to arrest them because, according to him “they had come down to Nigeria to disrupt the elections”. Of cause we all knew that he was paid heavily for that election, in which he campaigned for and promoted the now governor of Imo State Rochas Okorocha.

We were also alive and watching developments in Biafraland when Uwazuruike sent his goons (kidnapping agents) to go to Kanu’s father’s compound in Umuahia to kidnap him. Biafra Choice Writer knew that they took him to Uwazuruike’s village, Okwe in Okigwe. There they stripped him naked, flogged him, and had men and women spit on him, as well as urinate on him. They took still pictures and videos of the whole proceedings, telling him that if he dared to speak out against Uwazuruike that they would release the pictures. They did release the pictures many times in the past, but Biafrans appalled by their pettiness and little-mindedness have always yanked them off the streets or pulled them down whenever they bring them on social media.

This is the devil that calls himself Uwazuruike and a Biafra agitator. This is the Lucifer talking nonsense about Biafra restoration. He is the one seen driving around the streets of Biafraland with Nigerian government’s number plate. Uwazuruike is the Satan that sought to sink Biafra restoration efforts by inviting Mohammed Abacha and Al-Mustapha at Nri, where he released 21 gun-salutes to honour them. There he pledged allegiance to Nigeria and promise to maintain its peace at all times.

Uwazuruike have oil wells, hotels and hostels all over Biafraland, courtesy of his saboteur work against Biafra restoration. He is just using the name of Biafra to amass wealth for himself. Biafrans should ignore the idiot and his tantrums.
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  1. The shameless disgraced Uwazuruike who urinated and passed excreta on himself is walking around trying to smear the bad smell of his excreta on somebody else that he can not even compare himself with? Uwazuruike body smell is more worse than a crazed person who runs around cloth-less, sleeps and live off the dustbin!!!