■ Author: Ojani Chimezie Chigozie
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■ February 14, 2017

The only thing on the faces of Biafrans is tears of frustration because it feels like the world is keeping quiet at the extermination and injustice poured on Biafrans. When Biafrans protest on the streets regarding the unlawful detention of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and other Biafrans shoot at sight order will be given to the Armed Forces.
The Nigerian government has consistently tracked and abducted, tortured and killed Biafrans, in some Case's acid is being poured on the innocent victim. Proper burial is being denied to this Biafran as they are buried in mass in unknown locations.

When the ones killed in the process of Restoring Biafra are celebrated as Heros they are, the Nigerian government unleashes yet another far greater terror on innocent unarmed Biafrans.
To further prove the hatred of Nigerian government towards Biafrans; it was displayed for the entire world to see, on 20th of January 2017 unarmed Biafrans rallying in Port Harcourt to show solidarity with President Donald J. Trump were shot with live bullets killing over 15 Biafrans, yet on that same day some Nigerians took to the streets of Lagos to show their displeasure in President Trump as the American president, not even a single shot was fired in the air by the Nigerian Armed Force men, it is obvious that Biafrans are being targeted. Invading IPOB family meeting venue, shooting killing and arresting Biafrans is now the tactics adopted by Nigerian Armed Forces. They invaded our meeting venue at oshimili South Local Government Area Of Delta State in Biafra Land on the 12th February 2017, killed five unarmed Biafrans and arrested others; people that were praying and discussing their indigenous issues.
The reason why the good men left with a conscience are not in any way helping to stop the unending Death of Biafrans remains a shock to all Biafrans. There is an adage; He who sees evil and rebukes it not is no better than the one committing the evil. The world's attention have been drawn to the ruthless killing of Biafrans; Biafrans are locked in various prisons across Nigeria, women both Old and Young are being raped and sexually molested by the Nigerian Armed Force men, Fulani herdsmen invade our homes and farmlands, our lands are being forcefully taken through grazing bill, degraded environment due to oil activities in the area. Riot and Violence are the voice of the unheard and suppressed, Biafrans have the right to defend their God-given lives.
Self-determination is never a crime under any local or international law; Biafrans have the right to agitate for their freedom from Nigeria, Biafra can't be stopped.

Edited By Ugochinyere Onyechere Published By Umuchiukwu Writers
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