■ Author: Ugochinyere Onyechere
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■  February 04, 2017

Usman Mbaka deserves not to be called a Reverend father, in as much as He continues to berate a God’s divine agenda. Even a child can tell you that Biafra is at hand. How much more a man who claims to have been hearing from the Holy Spirit? He has defiled Godly hood, at the same time have defiled priesthood. From all indications, Usman Mbaka has proven to be a product of Hausa or Yoruba syndicates.

To be honest, I can ascertain to the fact that Usman Mbaka is not a genuine Biafran. I can prove to you that the blood that runs in my vein is not the same as Mbaka. As Biafran, I am an intruder of injustice. I do not shield hypocrisy nor injustice. Here comes the man who claims to know God. If I am not mistaking, I am sure the God he hears from is the idol worshipped in the Roman world. This is just the efficiency of this devilish idol.
In many occasions, I have given my whole attention to the statements of this compromised man of gods. From all ramification, Mbaka seems to be confused and misinformed. Scrolling through his recent statement released, there is no doubt that Mbaka has joined these pastors that take marijuana before presenting himself on the pulpit. Anyone who does not see Mbaka as a fake prophet is nothing but a slave.
I guess the Holy Spirit have not revealed this to him again. Usman Mbaka has been possessed by an evil spirit of doom. He no longer preaches the sermon, all that he preaches of recent is the political opposition of the contraption called Nigeria. Mbaka has been blind all these years, making his money, in his business centre he called Church. Mbaka has been in Enugu for decades while Biafrans go through marginalisation, yet remained mute. Mbaka was in Enugu watching the Fulani-Herdsmen while they killed the indigenes of Enugu. Here arises the question, what have you done to stop the recent rampage of Herdsmen in your community? Mbaka is misinformed that Biafra had existed long before the British government amalgamated us. Usman Mbaka do you know what amalgamation is all about? Usman Mbaka referred us as little children; let me believe that he is an elder, yet he allowed the goat to deliver while on a rope. What are elders known for, if not to protect the young ones? This man is really confused. Mbaka Usman claimed he solicited on behalf of Ibeto when his goods were seized by former Nigerian president, Olusegun Obasanjo. Have he (Mbaka) told us what he received in returns? What is Mbaka waiting for to also visit Aso-Rock on behalf of Nnamdi Kanu? I guess am very far from ordeals; what has Mbaka expected to solicit on behalf of his Community, for the Hausa-Fulani to stop raiding people’s farms and homes?
This purely defines his ordeals with Ibeto to be a deal. Go and ask Ibeto if he did not sow a seed after his goods were released. Mbaka is an elder of doom. He should be ashamed that the works meant for him is being done by nobodies. This is the reason he keeps having strange nightmares and thoughts about Biafra. Mbaka witnessed the massacring of peaceful protesters, he is aware that the contraption called Nigeria have refused to obey court orders, he also observed the silence of the so called politicians he mentioned in his statement.
Including him, he said nothing in condemnation to that. The funniest aspect is that Usman Mbaka forgot that protest is the most peaceful way to demonstrate one’s ordeal and right towards his/her orchestrations and marginalisation. If I may ask, did Mbaka behold the walls of school buildings? How can someone in his right senses refer people like Obiano, Rochas, Ugwuayi the weeping governor, etc., as the real people to fight for Biafrans?
Even in the church, they try to divide us. Usman Mbaka admitted that those leading the Biafran agitation are abroad, and I will not forget to ask him this question; where is the leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra? If I may ask, did he started his missionary work from the age of 50? If Usman Mbaka can answer these questions, it will help him to develop his thinking faculty. The simple truth is that Usman Mbaka has no idea of what Biafra is all about.
Mbaka must go back to school, so as to upgrade his memory status. No right thinking human can think nor talk the way he did. I guess this time, he has received the large envelope as usual. This man is nothing but an Abuja errand boy, jumping round the king’s table awaiting from the crumbs that will fall off from the table. My main humble advice for this man Is to visit a nearby psychiatric hospital, to know if he is normal. Usman Mbaka the Abuja harlot
Usman Mbaka is waiting for a largely ceremonial event that will announce his moves to confront the government of the contraption called Nigeria. One thing is sure, Usman is not a Biafran man, He will be made to face the full wrath of Biafra. He should continue to exchange our people for crumbs, the end shall justify the beginning. Usman Mbaka is nothing worse than an idiot.

Editing Udeagha Obasi

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  1. This Usman Mbaka man, does he have shame? Mbaka is half Hausa-Fulani,and half Yoruba!!!

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