By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

With the recent exit from the scene of governance in Nigeria by Muhammadu Buhari, the demon known as Nigerian president, evil British government and Fulani Oligarchy thought to use the opportunity to access Biafraland once again. That was why they quickly dispatched to Biafraland, their latest stooge, Yemi Osinbajo, the one they call Acting President.
Osinbajo is their newest willing tool, in the mold of Yakubu Gowon, the genocidist who accepted to be used (as a consenting Christain) to destroy Christians and Christianity in Biafraland.  Osinbajo was in Biafraland throughout last week, meeting with their quislings in Biafraland.

It is on record that Biafrans refused Buhari (the evil president) access to their land. On May 31, 2016, for instance, Niger Delta Avengers used many platforms like Radio Biafra to warn the evil incarnate (Buhari) not to get anywhere near Niger Delta. Buhari had said he was coming to Ogoni land to inaugurate the cleaning-up exercise of Ogoni the land, which was messed up by Shell Oil Company. Buhari was lying.

Avengers knew the game, that it was a lie, and so warned him to keep away from their land. They advised him to “first sign your death warrant before venturing into our land”. Buhari obeyed and did not venture into Biafraland. To show that Buhari was lying, nothing like cleaning of Ogoniland has taken place in Ogoniland since then.
Eight months later, on December 22, 2016, Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) took similar action. They warned Buhari that on no account should he set foot on Biafraland. The bloodsucker (Buhari) had said he was coming to Enugu, the capital of Biafra, to hold a town-hall meeting. But Biafrans told him that a murderer of their people, especially one that murdered hundreds of Biafrans, would not visit their land. The told him that having leader, Nnamdi Kanu, and many other Biafrans in detention disqualified him from visiting their land, Biafraland.

 So they commanded him to stay away from their land, and he obeyed.
This was the reason why the Biafra-hating British government and their blood-cuddling Fulani counterpart think they could use Osinbajo to do what they could not use Buhari to do. What they did not know however was that they have lost Biafra for good.
Right now, our grouse is not so much with the British government and the Fulani oligarchy, which have been evil against Biafrans from the onset. Our grouse is with the fake pastor known as Osinbajo, who is making himself a tool in the hands of the wicked.

While this fake Pastor was in Bayelsa State, Biafrans protesting the allocation of their land to Fulani herdsmen for cattle-ranching, were attacked by both the Nigerian security agents and hoodlums contracted by his government. In Asaba Delta State, Osinbajo took over from devil incarnate Buhari, by sending soldiers to shoot and kill five Biafrans having a prayer meeting.

Now, let us inform Osinbajo and his British government and Fulani oligarchy murderers that we know what the plans are. Yes, let the British government continue to stockpile arms in Saudi Arabia, hoping that in the event of another war between Biafra and Nigeria, they will transfer the arms to Nigeria. That was what they did during the 1967 – 1970 war between Biafra and Nigeria when they Russia, Egypt and other Arabian countries to transfer arms to Nigeria, which they used to perpetrate genocide against Biafrans. We know that to be their way of deceiving British people who would not have supported such unjust war.

Britain can dispatch its High Commissioner to visit useless Biafran men like that one called Obi of Onitsha to bribe them into silence when their wicked plans are put into action. The Fulani oligarchy can also send it Satan of Sokoto, Siad Abubakar to go to Enugu State to deceive gullible and hungry Biafrans seeking crumbs from their masters’ table.

They should be rest assured that all their moves will all be in vain because Biafrans are out of Nigeria, and out for good. Very soon we will decide where to place Osinbajo for his atrocities against Biafran youths, very soon. 
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