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■ February 20, 2017
The guilt and shame of not to be tagged the weakest army in history made General Tukur Yusuf Buratai chief of army staff in Nigeria to make a panic denial of murdering 11 indigenous people of Biafra and hospitalising others on Donald Trump’s inauguration day in Portharcaut, Friday 20th January 2017.

General Buratai age 56 was appointed a chief of army staff by an Islamic JIHADIST Mohamadu Buhari now rumoured to be dead on the 13 July 2017.

His mandate was to move troops to Biafraland for one reason, stop them from talking or agitating about Biafra independent, illegally arrest, torture, detain and kill them, men, women and children.

Buratai also has an order issued to him by late Mohamadu Buhari to forcefully convert the harmless poor civilians to Islam or have them killed by summary execution.

Of cause, the Islamic general has lived up to expectations killing more than 3,000 unarmed Biafran civilians as and wounding close to 10,000 of them without a check by United Nations or other world bodies for that matter.

Did Nigerian army kill 11 IPOB family members on that faithful day “YES” pictorial, oral and video pieces of evidence shows Buratai was a reckless and heartless army general comparable to that of Nazi Germany and Idi-Amin of Uganda.

We the indigenous people of Biafra are longer counting our dead in the hands of Nigerian security agencies, but we are saying how much more will be killed each day break.

Europe should stand up in defence of Biafran people now because history has proven that Biafra will one day stand up to defend Europe.

Leading a Hurd of Nigerian security operatives namely: Navy, air force, police, DSS and Nigerian security and civil defense corps ( NSCFC) to a region where there is no war, rioting or breakdown of law and order in a none confrontational combat mission has shown the height of inhumanity to man against the Biafran people.

One whole Month has passed Friday 20th February 2017- Monday 20th February 2017 before the Nigeria army came looking for another safe landing for BOKO HARAM Hausa/Fulani boys in army uniform who did the killings by branding IPOB criminals.

Nigerian Army cannot escape judgement; graves are filled with innocent dead bodies of victims of northern Nigeria Islamization agenda, our land is soaked with the blood of dead pregnant women and school children in Biafraland. What do we want? We want the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra and director of Radio Biafra London mazi Nnamdi Kanu freed with other Biafrans detained illegally in various Nigerian prison cells.

We want independent of Biafra nation restored since international amnesty reports indicating Nigerian army for the mass killings of the indigenous people of Biafra and at the same time patting IPOB at the back as the most peaceful, none violence freedom fighters the world have ever seen, therefore, there should be no more delay in restoring the sovereign nation of Biafra.

One of the generals states army general said shortly after WW11 and I quote; Officers who fail to perform their duty by correcting small violations and enforcing proper conducts cannot be described as an army. General George S. Patton Jr. April 1943.

It is a spit in the face of the united state government and the people of America for Nigerian army to do what they did against Biafrans on the day of Trump’s inauguration.
However, it is absurd to believe that soldiers who cannot wear proper uniform can be induced to move forward in the battle against unarmed innocent Biafran agitators.

All hail Biafra.

Editor Udeagha Obasi

Published by Umuchiukwu Writers.

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