By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

The belief among many Biafrans at the moment is that Catholic priest, Ejike Mbaka, the man in charge of Adoration Ministry in Enugu, has not always rubbished and violated everything that Christianity holds dear; but also impugns the integrity of God.

They say the cleric, whose late father was a known native doctor, has rather conducted his priestly duties, and spoken out in manners representative of the Baal rather than of Christ. Indeed, this writer sees the Priest Ejike Mbaka as a good example of what the Bible records in Romans 2: 24, where it states that God’s name is blasphemed among the gentiles because of his likes.

Since Mbaka, the Amata Ituku-born cleric from Awgu Local Government Area (LGA) was ordained as a priest; he has always done so many ungodly things in his quest to acquire filthy lucre. Apart from his many business ventures that take away his attention from his priestly duties, he has always sought politicians’ favour – praising those who succumb to his blackmail to high-heavens; and taking potshots at those who ignore him and refuse to do his bidding.

A good example was former Governor of Enugu State, Nnamani and former President, Goodluck Jonathan. He did not spare anything in criticizing and impugning their integrity for refusing have his accursed hands on their government funds. He it was who, after receiving bribe from current Imo State governor, concocted many lies against the former Imo State governor, Ikedi Ohakim. He lied that the forming governor slapped and humiliated a clergy man. It was after the elections had been concluded, and Okakim had lost the election that it was revealed how he lied to force the man out of power.

This was exactly the same thing he did in 2015 during the last Presidential election, when he turned against Goodluck Jonathan because he (Jonathan) refused to bribe him. Instead, he supported Buhari, claiming that God promise him that Buhari would be the best President for Nigeria. But today that he has become apparent to all Nigerians that Buhari has turned out to be the worst president in the country’s history, he has refused to say anything.

Rather than berating Buhari for his terrible government, he has turned his attention to Biafra agitation, hoping to use it in warming his way into the evil hearts of Fulani politicians in Northern Nigeria. He wrote off the agitation, stating that for him to support it he must first see top politicians and clerics join the protests.

One thing has become common knowledge, which is that Mbaka with his usually childish and stupid arguments, have become a nuisance. They have wondered why and where the Catholic Church saw such a moron as Mbaka to recruit him as one of its priests. They attest that the Catholic Church is known for its sound and cerebral priests, usually people of high intellectual sagacity and of first class intelligence.

Who will blame Biafrans for taking this position when Mbaka had the temerity to declare that the Biafran struggle will only make meaning when top politicians and clerics join it? Does he not know that struggle has never, and would never be spearheaded by the very same people benefitting from it? Was he so daft not to know that oppressors or their puppets would never commit class suicide by supporting a revolution?
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