By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

The Nigerian Army of occupation, which also serves as Fulani terrorist organisation (backed by Yoruba peoples of Western Nigeria) is lying again about its daylight murder of Biafrans. This time it is lying about their murder of Biafrans on January 20, 2017 while celebrating the inauguration of Donald Trump, President of the United States of America (USA).

A certain Colonel Aminu Iliyasu, said to be Deputy Director of the Army Public Relations, is the latest currier of the lies. This Iliyasu, a half-educated, incoherent, and shameless soldier made a press statement, claiming that no Biafran was killed during the solidarity rally for Trump.
Part of his words read: “It is however worthy to restate that one of the constitutional responsibilities of the Nigerian Army is to come to the aid of the civil authority whenever the need arises. In line with this constitutional mandate, troops of 29 Battalion Nigerian Army were deployed in conjunction with other sister security agencies to prevent any loss of life or property, with strict adherence to the established rules of engagement.

“Despite all provocative attempts occasioned by the stoning of security agents and the smashing of commuters’  windscreens by the violent protesters, troops refused to be cajoled into the criminal gang’s trap to fire a single shot”, he said.
With these words from this lying Fulani jihadist called Iliyasu, one begins to wonder at what point they (the civil authorities) realized there was a need to invite the soldiers. At what point were they invited?
Everything else showed that it was not a case of crowd trouble and the Army called in to help. As early as 7 am, soldiers with assault rifles and armored vehicles were deployed to the streets. Are they saying the assault rifles and armored cars were rightful tools in dispersing the “molesting innocent citizens, intimidating passers-by and wreaking havoc on commuters, thereby disturbing public peace, safety and security.”

However, the so-called trouble-making crowd was eventually dispersed, not with guns and armored cars, but with mere teargas, according to the Nigerian Army. This should be a good reason to believe that there was no need for the Army. The question then should be “if all it took to disperse the crowd and arrest some of the Biafrans is just teargas, what then was the justification for the assault rifles and armored cars?

The answer is simple, the soldiers were sent to kill and main with the aim that other Biafrans will be frightened and discouraged from continuing in the rally, and pursuing their legitimate aspiration for restored Biafra.

Nigerian Army should stop the cowardly denials. They have always used every opportunity to boast of how they would crush peaceful Biafrans. So they should own up to their atrocities.  That notwithstanding, pictures of the peaceful rally (which they turned into a bloodbath) are still available for the world to see, and experts are there to determine whether they authentic and fake. Families of the murdered are also available and will tell the stories of what happened to their relatives when the time comes.
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