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■ February 12, 2017

There were great joy and jubilation today being the 12th day of February 2017, in the IPOB family Umuechem zone 1 Aba Biafra Land; coordinated by Izuchiukwu Azunna, under the Abia Central Senatorial district, following the visit of the mother of the leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, whom have been under incarceration by the Nigerian government.
It was so amazing seeing the spirit of Biafra hovering all over her face. She is the mother of Biafra (Mama Biafra). IPOB Umuechem Zone 1 was honoured by her visit. Lolo Okwu Kanu left her hometown Afara-Ukwu Ibekwu in Biafra land to up to the people of Umuechem in Aba. This is to show how fanatical we are about Biafra.
Irrespective of the high mounted pressure by the Nigerian security forces, Biafrans have been resolute and determined. You need to see the crowd that came to the meeting venue. So astonished and frightened seeing such calibre of a woman into the struggle, notwithstanding that her son has been in hostage; she has been so kind and resolute towards the struggle.

The fact remains that Biafra has come to stay. Lolo Okwu Kanu has encouraged all eminent and committed Biafrans to remain resolute and steadfast in the struggle, stating that our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu (Her son) needs all hands to be on deck so as to terminate the evil agenda of the contraption called Nigeria.
She further thanked the zone, for their selfless commitments and advocacy against evils. Stressing that we must follow the footsteps of our leader to arrive at our quest. Songs, pledges and appreciation followed immediately after her words of wisdom. Umuechem zone 1 in return showed their gratitude by pledging to fight even more harder just to get their freedom.

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