Biafrans gather to honor the dead

February 17, 2017

By Ogu Edozie Williams 

On the 16th of February, 2017, a hero in the Biafran struggle from Ikenga Eziudo Mbaise, Biafra land, was laid to rest. Hundreds of Biafrans and lovers of freedom trooped in especially from Igweocha, Rivers state, Mbaise and environs to pay the last respect to the bold spirit of Ikechi Justus Uwakwe as his body was returned to the earth from where it was formed.

IPOB delegates among whom were Abraham from Owerri Zone, Ugochukwu Amaku, from Igweocha and Prince Emmanuel Kanu graced the heroic burial.

Prince Emma Kanu who represented IPOB worldwide, in his speech when asked his piece of word for IPOB and Biafrans who are still alive, urged Biafrans to be strong, resolute and bold even before their enemies, even as Ikechi was laid to rest.

He reminded Biafrans of the prophecy of the leader of IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu; that "they (Nigerian government and her cohorts) will kill us but eventually, Biafra shall come".

In his own words, "I'm here to represent IPOB worldwide especially Nnamdi Kanu, to tell our people that we are with them and we will remain with them forever."

"There was something Nnamdi Kanu said ... that they will try and kill us but at the end Biafra will come. Therefore, we remain resolute".

"Yes he (Ikechi )  may be dead today but IPOB will continue to be one indivisible family bearing in mind that he(Ikechi) died for what he believed in; for Biafra is all about freedom and we will sacrifice whatever it takes to get that freedom".

"So I urge every IPOB member here to be strong and resolute, more than ever before; we are not afraid of them(killers of Biafran activists); even before our enemies, we remain very strong because I know by the end Biafra will come."

Another delegate sent from Igweocha IPOB, Mazi Ugochukwu Amaku stressed the fact that the Biafran struggle for freedom would not be achieved without necessary sacrifices but it was unfortunate that Ikechi became (one of) the sacrificial lambs who did not hesitate to be used. 

He lamented that the Nigerian military made away with the IPOB members whom they shot dead but he thanked God that Ikechi's body was among the victims IPOB was able to secure.

Meanwhile Abraham from Owerri Zone, in his funeral oration saluted the brave spirit of Ikechi, reiterating that the course for which he died must be realised.

On his own part, Ezeigwe, on behalf of IPOB Mbaise chapter thanked IPOB Igweocha chapter and everyone present for their kindness.

Meanwhile, a friend of Ikechi, Mazi Eze Ndu who resides close to where Ikechi resided, for avoidance of doubts, rumour mongering and gossip carrying,  explained to all what happened to his friend, Ikechi Uwakwe. 

He spoke summarily of the unfortunate event which happened on the 20th January 2017; how the Nigerian military massacred pro-Biafran activists who rallied in support and solidarity for Donald John Trump who was to be installed as the 45th POTUS (President of the United States), and the tragedy culminated in the death of Ikechi as the Nigerian soldiers gushed out his intestines with bullets.

He resounded it over and over to the ears of everyone that Ikechi Uwakwe Justus didn't rob anyone neither was he an informant; so that people would know exactly what the fate of Ikechi was.

He assured the relatives of Ikechi that eventually (when Biafra comes), they would be proud of Ikechi, but in the meantime urging Mbaise IPOB chapter not to abandon the family as they from Igweocha would never let the family down. 

In his speech he said, "Justus Ikechi Uwakwe, the day this thing happened to him I was there but I was not hit by bullet. That I was not hit by bullet does not mean that I have charms nor was it because I know God more than others. But it was luck. I was only injured which was the fate of so many people here today". 

"Justus Ikechi Uwakwe did not rob anyone neither was he an informant when he was hit by a bullet; because often, when it is heard that one is shot, gossipers would start their work".

"What Justus Ikechi Uwakwe did was that, on the 20th of January (2017), all of us gathered together to celebrate the installation of a new president of United States of America, Donald Trump; we were marching in solidarity, we were not protesting;  there is a difference between solidarity march and protest". 

"As we were marching in solidarity, the Nigerian soldiers began to shoot at us; some died and others were injured; and it happened that my good friend was among those that died; when I got home and asked after him and they said he had not come back, it pained me".

Meanwhile, in a vote of thanks from a family member of Ikechi, Nze Ochualili Amadiegbe Augustus appreciated the efforts of IPOB members in making sure that their son's body was brought home for proper burial. But he urged the IPOB family to see to it that the widow of Ikechi and her son are taken care of.

He urged Biafrans to add more efforts to the Biafran struggle for freedom

which they, during the time of Ojukwu, fought but which agitation has been renewed by IPOB. 

He urged everyone to be determined because in no distant time Biafra shall be restored. 

He posited that since human sacrifices ( Ikechi's life and others) have been involved in the struggle, Biafra is around the corner as he noted that when dreams and visions are at their toughest points, such dreams and visions are at their achievable ends.

In his words, "I thank you all for your efforts in making sure the body of our son was brought back for us for proper repose."

"When a struggle involves human sacrifices, its realization is imminent".

"And when a battle is at its toughest end, victory is near".

"I beg you all not to abandon 'mother and son', but support them always."

"Because in this Biafra struggle we fought in the time of Ojukwu which agitation has been renewed; we are not afraid because when someone is fighting for what belongs to him, he should not be afraid; so I urge all of you to be steadfast because we (the elders) are behind you and eventually Biafra shall come".

Meanwhile, IPOB youths were seen marching and singing solidarity songs, victory songs and songs signifying that there would be no retreat nor surrender as far as Biafra's freedom was concerned.

Edited by Mazi Collins
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