January 05, 2017  17:11  CET

Biafra: Un-Annointed Mbaka is a Disgrace to Priesthood

In the wake of the recent call for a Biafran state, many people, at first, had dissimilar ideology with Nnamdi Kanu but as the reality of the prophetic announcements on radio Biafra became evident in Biafran territories, such people with opposed ideologies began to zero-in to Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB's school of thoughts. Some elders, groups and associations, at that time, who opposed Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB, probably for personal and collective reasons or for monetary benefits agreed with Nnamdi Kanu in the long run.

At that time, groups like Ohaneze Ndi-Igbo, Igbo Youth Movement, Ijaw Youth Movement, who either kept mute at the illegal detention of Nnamdi Kanu, or condemned Nnamdi Kanu's ideology flooded the social media to share their displeasure. At newspaper stands, market places, business centres, etc people were seen with mixed feelings and reactions.

Seeing that Buhari was hitting hard on pro-Biafra activists who were protesting peacefully and coupled with the fact that Buhari was not ready to obey courts' orders but was looking for ways and means to stop the agitation for Biafra, many people and groups (including some mentioned above) saw Buhari's desperation as a means of making both ends meet as well as opportunity to enrich themselves.

They started speaking against IPOB and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, saying things that Buhari wanted to hear which would eventually fetch them money. But a time came when they saw that Buhari was not winning the war rather IPOB and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu were winning despite clampdown on Biafrans.

As people and groups began to see the resolve of Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB, they started retracing their steps, some renouncing the groups they belonged and subsequently exposing their activities.

Some of them have equally called for the release of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and have given him awards.

Whereas others have retraced their steps, the likes of Ejike Mbaka have remained lost to the camp of the enemy.

Comparing his initial position on Biafra agitation when he said that those agitating for a Biafran state are evil, some might think  Mbaka is now supporting Biafra as he has changed his earlier stand on Biafra sovereignty by saying now that Igbo elites should run at the fore-front in protests for the youth to follow behind but little do they know about his unintelligent strategy of demoralizing the youth of Biafra. Thank God his plan failed on arrival because the youth of Biafra have decided that it is either Biafra or Death and no amount of pressure, cajoling, or inducement will discourage them.

Recall that during the electioneering of 2015, Mbaka claimed that his deity revealed to him that Rtd Gen. Muhamadu Buhari would be competent to govern the country, hence he (Mbaka) campaigned for him making the dual to be best of friends and partners.

Since Mbaka has such leverage to dine with the presidency, he should have at least called his friend, Pres. Muhamadu Buhari, to order and urge him to obey several courts' orders that have either freed Nnamdi Kanu or granted him bail.

It is better for Mbaka to retrace his steps and follow the likes of Apostle Johnson Suleman, Bishop Kukah and other men of God in speaking out against the evil prevalent in Nigeria.

I challenge Mbaka if he is so passionate about sponsoring Biafra agitation movement by paying flight tickets for agitators or his so-called Igbo elites, let him start first with speaking out against the evils his friend, the president, is perpetrating and condoning, including contempt to courts injunctions and rule of law - which wouldn't cost him (Mbaka) money before he would venture into sponsoring agitation of Biafra which would cost him a fortune.

I also urge him, if he is so fascinated about Biafra, to stop being a coward waiting for elites to take the lead because waiting for them would be a waste of his time, rather he should make his stand known; make his dream, believe and ideology known and pursue such.

Written by Ogu Edozie Williams
Edited by Mazi Collins
Published by IPOB writers
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  1. Most certainly, this man is a big time disgrace. He should be ejected out of the priesthood!!!