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■ January 01, 2017
Soliloquizing within myself, I have been pondering all alone, and seems astonished as never before, over the antagonized manner of clampdown mounted on Biafrans, in such a vigorous manner; recently demented on Biafran journalists, by the murderous Islamic State of the contraption called Nigeria, under the guise of the worst genocide, chief terrorist, the shameless child rapist and the greatest tyrant President ever known in the escalated humanity. Before my meditation, and curiosity, I found the real enthusiastic fact, to deliberate on, I.e "the ongoing abduction and the possible execution of Biafran journalists by the security operatives of Nigerian government.

I am so emphatically and realistic about my thoughts. It's no longer news that Biafrans are undergoing prosecution, under the Nigerian government.My doubts expressing that we are not in the era of military system of government, is becoming untrue, prior the the procession of their usual ways of the execution and extermination of Biafrans by the contraption, in the sense that the securities have been ordered to arrest and execute any Biafran journalist seen, in a view to accomplishing their already planned work.

This has been the new strategy, used by the government, while our writers keep missing on a daily basis, just to ensure the total blackout of media in regards to our ongoing court case of the leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. They are being tortured and humiliated all because they are Biafrans. I would use this podium to remind the world that the International media houses have suddenly gone blind and daft not to see or hear about this unacceptable moves by the men of the security in the contraption called Nigeria. Definitely we believe that in future time, when Biafrans shall be left with no other option than to defend themselves, just as they did in the 1967/1970 while they were armless, but were massacred, probably at that time, the International media houses would undoubtedly, gain consciousness and every possibility to tag us terrorists will emerge effectively. These media houses, have intentionally kept mute and have defaulted all possible means to inform the world about the heavy clampdown on Biafrans by the untrained security forces of Nigeria.

"Information is power", of which a platform have been created to get the masses well informed. In the case of most popularly known media house, they have jeopardised that anticipation, thereby jestingly making a mockery of their profession. I could not stop wondering why these media houses should be quiet in such a critical situation while they should have been elevated.

The kidnap of Biafran journalists is an indication that equals Nigeria to be under a dictatorship. As a good citizen, I know and can defend my civil rights, which includes freedom of speech and liberty to self-determination. These are primarily important rights that should be obeyed, as far as a Democratic state is concerned. Surprisingly, the Islamic state of Nigeria does not adhere to such principle, because the greatest tyrant president does exist in the contraption.

Biafrans have never in any occasion, retaliated despite the height of injustice and provocation, yet we have been tagged terrorist suddenly without any conviction to prove it. This is as a result of the media blackout as ordered by the President if the contraption called Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari who have solemnly sworn to die instead of obeying an order from a competent juridical court. This tyrant has entirely subdued the whole media houses in the contraption, to (or “intending to”) perfect his deadly plans in the case of the leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, who have been going through injustice and persecution unjustifiably in the hands of the Nigerian government.

Tagging the Indigenous People Of Biafra to be terrorists is the worst crime against humanity, because we are always peaceful, disciplined above all, legally registered in more than ninety countries of the world. We stand to be corrected, if we have in any way, retaliated to the illegal extra-judicial killing of our people. Our journalists are being arrested, only to have Nnamdi Kanu convicted of the alleged crime levelled against him. By clamping down on Biafran reporters, we are now convinced that the Nigerian government have a dangerous trial with the Nigerian media houses, as regards to the latest court proceedings, in which no media or paper gave the proper details of the procedure. The Nigerian government have in different occasions tortured and arrested our journalists who had done nothing less than exercising their rights and doing what they know best to do, for their beloved nation Biafra. They were treated as though they were criminals, degrading their reputations as journalists, while Nasir El' Rufai the present governor of Kaduna state paid the Fulani herds murderers to stop killing.

I feel like exploding seeing the animalistic behaviour of some elements who called themselves human beings. I have said it time without number that animals are more civilised when compared with Nigeria. How can you negotiate with murderers, who are termed world deadliest terrorists, only to turn back to terrorise innocent people? This is hypocrisy. Mazi Moses Agbo, a formidable Biafran journalist, was kidnapped on the 25th December, while he went to deliver some items to our leader mazi Nnamdi Kanu at Kuje prison in Abuja. He was only seen with mere underwear and snacks, that prompted his kidnap, while those with guns and matches were compensated. Is this happening on a planet where CNN, BBC and the host of other traditional media platforms are? Is this really happening where the human right organisations exist? Are all these happening where the Amnesty International and the International Criminal Court is said to be known? It's quite unfortunate that they had done nothing to help Biafrans get justice from this wicked existence called Nigeria.

Biafra is and remains our priority. #release #Moses_Agbo #release_all_Biafrans.
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