■ Author: Lucky Ike
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■ January 05, 2017
Very ashamed to hear some people who are supposedly seen as learned men like Governor Nyesom Wike talking like a naive and uneducated man who lack basic history about his root and the history of Biafra.
I wonder why such a man like Governor Nyesom Wike is still living in myopic nature in this 21st century. I wonder why he can't do a little brainstorming at least to ask himself, why is the Jihadist Sultan going from one Biafran state to another to campaign for the unity of the contraption called Nigeria? What are the Sultan and his Fulani people afraid of? Why does this Jihadist Sultan want the Biafran to remain together forcefully with Nigeria? Is marriage by forced? Why can't the Sultan go and meet the governor of Adamawa state and governor El Rufai of Kaduna State to preach for peace where Boko Haram and Fulani Herdsmen are racking havoc and massacring innocent people in their good numbers. Of course, the sultan is from Fulani and so he can't talk about his brothers. Governor Wike, what is the meaning of Niger Delta and who named you Niger Deltans? I am so ashamed of Governor Wike. It seems he does not read the history. Because of this, I will like to remind governor Wike that there is nothing like Niger Delta. Governor Wike should know that what we have before is the old eastern region which includes Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Cross River, Imo, Abia, Enugu, Anambra, Rivers, Delta and Ebonyi State which make up Biafra. Does Governor Wike know about the man called Chief Frank Opigo an Ijaw chief who suggested the name Biafra during a conference summoned by the late people's General Dim Odimegwu Ojukwu when he said that the name of the nation should be called Biafra? Is Governor Wike aware that as at the time Chief frank Opigo suggested the name Biafra, Bayelsa was still part of Rivers State before Gowon decisively created (divide and rule technique) Rivers State to separate us among our brothers? Does Governor Wike know the man called Philip Effiong the last Biafran President and second in command to Dim Odimegwu Ojukwu who is still from this created by man area called Niger Delta and Akwa Ibom state precisely? Governor Wike, it is too late for you and your slave's masters the Hausa-Fulanis. I want to remind Governor Wike that he has only one vote to cast as regards to the referendum if that is suggested. Governor Wike can't speak for Biafrans in the riverine areas. Biafrans in the riverine can't be deceived, we can't continue to be slaves to these Hausa Fulanis jihadist and terrorist Criminals. Governor WIKE, you can continue to eat from the scruples falling from the table of your slave's masters the Hausa Fulani's, Biafrans want to go. Governor Wike should know that no man can stop the coming of the sovereign state of Biafra, not even his Uneducated boss Mohammadu Buhari. It is Biafra! Biafra!! Biafra!!! All the way I will advise Governor Wike to keep mute on any issue regarding Biafra restoration and concentrate on his duty as the governor of rivers state or regret his actions. Biafran restoration can't be used for politics. A word is enough for the wise they say. Governor Wike go tell your slaves' masters the Sultan of Sokoto and Mohammadu Buhari that Biafra has come to stay, no man born of a woman can stop the coming of the sovereign state of Biafra. It is Biafra or Death!!!.
Editor Udeagha Obasi

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