By IPOB Writers

The Nigerian fraudster billionaires and politicians who have enriched themselves at the expense of the poor should stop their lies that God put Nigeria together.  God did not create satanic and bloody Nigeria but by British Lord Luggard.  He did it for economic interest of Britain nothing more and nothing less.  Furthermore, he knew the differences of the Ibos with relation to Yorubas and Hausas and clearly stated that oil and water cannot mix.  This was in 1914 and the truth has remained the same up till today.  BRITAIN IS YOUR GOD, THIS IS WHY YOU BELIEVE AND. DO EVERYTHING THEY ASK YOU TO DO INCLUDING KILLING YOUR OWN  BROTHER.  YOU WORSHIP THE BRITISH AND NEED NOT SAY MORE SINCE YOU REFFER THEM AS GOD.

Your political aspirations, your investment in other parts of the country are irrelevant to the lives of millions of Biafrans that are continuously wasted.  May I further make it clear that the  British used us as an experiment.  This has been exposed and made known to everybody.  Nigeria is false,  if not tell us why after over a century, nothing has changed.  Nigeria is for Hausa Fulani/Yorubas.  If it is comfortable for you to be a Nigerian so be it but leave the Biafrans alone.  You are one out of a million and therefore not more enlightened than the rest.

Biafrans are not interested in your political tossles that are full of frauds and manipulations.  Enough is enough so since the Northerners are born to rule, you have been given the opportunity to control your country Nigeria without the interference of any Biafran. Any sensible  Biafran by now should know how to stay away from this political rubish because your campaign is for the cows and you will be chased out of office as they did to Goodluck EbeleJonathan.  Learn from the past and if it has not worked up till now, it is not going to work in the future because you are not loved in Nigeria, all they
Want is your resources which you do not even control or get any kind of compensation.  After the war, nearing 50 years, your life is not better.  Why then can any Biafran politician will even advocate for Biafrans to engage in any political suicide?

The Biafrans of today are formidable, they know the truth, they know that they are being trampled upon and are determined to take their future in their on hands, they know that their land, rights, freedom of expression and speech as well as their identity are gradually being erased right before their own eyes.  Why should anybody who is a Biafran and who is not immuned from this threat and obvious calamity still for his selfish aspiration just to answer a worthless president in a worthless bloody country try to lure others to their certain death?  If it is acceptable for non Biafrans to protest why then is it not acceptable for Biafrans to do the same without being slaughtered?  The politicians affected know themselves and should go to the north or West to participate in their electoral campaign and should not do so on behalf of Biafra.

We are nearing the end of this struggle there is no negotiation when it comes to Biafras freedom and sovereignty.  It is either you are a Biafran and clearly so or you are an enemy of Biafra.  You can not strengthen and dine with your enemy and try to convince me to join you.  You have been massacred in the North and right in your own fatherland.  They have the impunity to kill you without the slightest provocation.  How many of them have you killed in retaliation?  If up till now you are still dreaming of the Presidency of Nigeria, then I seriously question your motive and intergrity.  Your mansions and investments outside Biafra land is worthless because you have to be alive to enjoy them.  After Biafra's separation we can then discuss bilateral economic and other areas of co-operation as neighbors and with respect.  Enough of Biafran lives have been sacrificed for illusive peace in this country called Nigeria.  You cannot not play politics with the lives of over 50 million Biafrans.  We have accorded you the respect and hope you honor it.
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