By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

The last documentation done by Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) this morning, January 19, 2017, shows that nothing less than 21 million Biafrans have given their preparedness to attend tomorrow’s rally for Donald Trump in Biafraland.
The rally, which will hold in Igweocha (Port Harcourt), the Rivers State capital on Friday, January 20, 2017 Biafrans, will, among other things, show their total support and solidarity for Trump. They will also use the time to pledge their support to the state of Israel and its struggle to overcome the conspiracy of some countries of the world to undermine its security and independence.

Biafrans have been in high spirits since Donald Trump won the United States of America (USA) Presidential election last year. They see him as a man whose policy statements show that truth and justice will thrive during his presidency. They started their official celebration on January 13, when many of them in the USA visit Trump Tower, the residence of the new Presidency elect to rally and pledge their support.

The Biafrans have already written the Commissioner of Police in the State, and asking him to maintain the security for the Biafrans and to make sure that Nigerians do not disrupt it.
Report reaching Biafra Choice Writers show that executives and representatives of many international media organizations have already arrived Biafraland, and have been interviewing the people to get a feel of the coming mother of all rallies.

Chukwu Ukeje, an Ikwere born Biafran told Biafra Choice Writers what emotional about the subject. He said that he was glad the rally would be taking place in his time and before his eyes. “I smell Biafra, and the fact that this would be happening in my time gives me special joy” he said.
Speaking further, he said: “My brother why are you asking this kind of question why I am feeling emotional? Don’t you know that Biafra is taking the world by storm and that there is nothing Nigeria can do about it anymore? There is nothing Buhari can do about it; there is nothing Burutai (Nigerian Army chief) can do about it.”

Asked why Biafrans were always excited about Biafra, he said it was because of what they had gone through living together with a murderous tribe like the Fulani. “My friend you do not know what it means to share a country with murderers. The thought that you will soon be separated from them is enough to make any man feel emotional. This people called Fulani have been killing our people for ages that Biafrans will want an iron curtain between them like today. This people value cattle more than they value humans.”

Asked how he felt about the preparation, he said: “From the preparations on ground, it is a rally to behold, and a spectacle no one should miss”.
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