■ Author: Eze Ferdinand Chijoke
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ 
■ January 19, 2017
In every society, there must be a class which everybody must belong, and this class is being divided into two. One is the class of the bourgeoisie and Non-bourgeoisie. In the class of the bourgeoisie that is where you find those that control the government and other influential positions in our society. Then in the class of non-bourgeoisie there you find those who doesn't control the government affairs, but they determine the feature of those that control the government and the economy in the country. In other words, the non-bourgeoisie has the right to choose whom will control the government, and it’s economic affairs through the voting system. But, In a country where the leaders (bourgeoisie) can manipulate the election, it will be impossible for the wish of its citizens to prevail in any election. And thereby imposition of leader became the other of the day in the society. For example, during 2003, 2007 and 2011 elections.

Nigeria experience what they called the political malpractices in all corners ranging from state to federal election and the citizens whom they disenfranchised were not able to do anything to stop such an evil manipulation, and this is the major course of our political and regional marginalisation in the zoo country today. The political leaders in Nigeria today sees political office as their personal inheritance properties that is why you see most of them jumping governorship position to Senate and if given more chance the person in question will prefer to stay throughout his lifetime but if his political opponents refuse. Most of them will prefer to do anything humanly possible to remain in power but if he loses he will either go back to his town and became a stakeholder in his political platform, and he will plan further for his son to replace him in the political system either in political appointment in the state or federal that is where he will continue from where his father stopped. probably if there is no political office to give his or her, he will make sure that his son marry someone either his or his dad was one of his colleagues when he was in the government or the person father is a serving senator, governor or president in other for him to maintain that political class in which he belong in the country.

For example, when it comes to the issue of political family relationships in the country you find out that, the father of Senator Saraki the current Senate President is an excellent political family friend of Amino Tambowas father. And we all are aware that Amino Tambowa was a former speaker of the house of Representatives Currently the governor of Sokoto State. In another occasion, Amedu sheriff the old governor of Borno state and currently embattled leadership of PDP is an in-law to Muhammad Buhari who is the President of Nigeria today, etc. Sometimes I do imagine why they say Nigeria is indivisible country until I began to ask myself questions like; why is it that our so-called leaders in our nation today are not talking about dividing the country while they know that we the citizens are not living in peace and we are being divided either by religion or ethnicity by our political leaders who accord such mindsets of violent to the citizen so that when we are busy fighting they are busy looting our money.
After going through history's and researchers, I came to realise why our leaders said that Nigeria is an indivisible country is because of their selfish political interest which emanated from the idea that the connections which they have made for their family should not be allowed to be destroyed by the masses. These links include the political family friend, state in-law, Occultic political alliance and political allies which they want to continue within their families till the world comes to an end. And as a political analyst, I can recall categorically that our political leaders are all aware that if the secessionist movement such as IPOB should have their way out of the country, that Nigeria is going to divide into three or six geopolitical zones thereby revolution having its way in our different country, and this will lead to taking over offices by the secessionist movement which they are not part of, talk more of their already perfected political plans when they were in Nigeria with their allies.
In other words, for Nigeria to see the light of development we need to divide for us to be able to destroy our corrupt enemies evil plans. But thank God today that weather they like it or not IPOB must succeed with their struggle for Biafra independent. Finally, I want to remind all the citizens who want to better their life to start the fight for independent of their region to carve out of the country where the will have their feature determined by themselves not the corrupt leaders.
Editor Ugochinyere Onyechere, For Umuchiukwu Writers.
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