By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

Muhammadu Buhari got to the zenith of his life of criminality late last year when, as President of the evil contraption called Nigeria, he used the instrumentality of his office to kidnap Nnamdi Kanu. Kanu is leader of Indigenous People of Biafra and Director of Radio Biafra. Since Kanu was arrested, many other Biafrans have been kidnapped, detained or murdered.
Buhari, who started his public life as a criminal sneaking into the military without certificate, has long graduated into a hardened criminal that uses instruments of his office to perpetrate crimes and feather his next. Buhari was the bandit who, in 1966 and together with his fellow Northern criminals in the Nigerian (Fulani) Army, connived to kill their commander in chief in 1966, General Aguiyi Ironside.

Then, the Biafra/Nigeria war, which was contrived by British government to subdue and then disposes, came with its challenges.where he, Muritala Muhammed, and other Nigerian (Fulani) soldiers, committed lots of war crimes of which the Fulani stooge, Yakubu Gowon refused to prosecute them. Buhari was with Murtala Mohammed at Benin, the capital of Bendel State, where they vandalized the Central Bank and stole the money in its vault.
Buhari was also with Mohammed at Asaba, where they massacred scores of innocent Biafrans who came out to welcome them. Buhari’s criminality took him to Owerri in 1968 where he got into a Church and ordered his men to mow down innocent Biafrans (women and children) who were taking refuge there.

Buhari’s criminality knows no bounds. But he has been shielded and protected because he is one of the Fulani Islamic jihadist that were smuggled into the military to advance the Fulani plan to occupy all the lands in the evil British contraption called Nigeria.
Part of Buhari’s criminality in history includes the stealing of public funds. Under his watch as Petroleum minister, under the junta of Olusegun Obasanjo, Buhari stole 2. 8 Billion. It was because he was being investigated by Shehu Shagari’s government that he plotted and overthrew him in 1984.
Buhari was the one that introduced kidnapping in Nigeria when he, as military junta, kidnapped and crated Umaru Dikko in London. It was the alertness of the Metropolitan Police that stopped his agents from flying him back to Nigeria. This is the same man former British Prime Minister, David Cameron aided, together with Barack Obama, outgoing United States of America (USA) rigged into power in Nigeria in 2015. Rigged in, he has been committing all manner of atrocities in the contraption.

As a Boko Haram founder, Buhari had used them to kill thousands of Christians, and chase others away from the North-east. The reason for forming the group was to take power from Jonathan. Now that he has successfully taken power from Jonathan, he has started dismantling the group and recruiting its fighters into the Fulani jihadists (herdsmen) and has been using them to attack communities.

Now that it has become apparent that Buhari cannot on his own stop his life of criminality, the time has come when he must be forced to do so. The starting point should be to have him release the Biafran leader, Nnamdi Kanu, together with all other Biafrans abducted and detained in his different detention centres across the evil contraption called Nigeria.
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