■ Author: Ezekwereogu John
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ 

■ January 21, 2017

ON 20 JANUARY 2017 11 people were killed when the combined forces of Nigeria Army and police opened fire at unarmed Biafra peaceful protesters on a demonstration in support of U.S. President Donald Trump on the orders of Buhari. It has evidently shown that Buhari's quest to annihilate Biafrans has taken another dimension as he ordered his security agents who were supposed to protect lives and property to open fire on Biafrans, it shall never be good with Nigeria until Biafra is restored. May the blood of these innocent Biafrans continue to hurt Nigeria and all those that support the extra-judicial killings of unarmed Biafrans.

Education enlightens, while ignorance promotes nuisance. How does solidarity celebration constitute a problem? The military couldn't arrest or foil Southern Kaduna massacre, but will happily shoot celebrating Biafrans All these evil Yoruba coward reporters who propagate lies and hides the truth. What evidence do you have to prove that IPOB clash with soldiers? If there was a confrontation, how come there is no soldier wounded or killed.? You just cooked up fake stories out of the hatred you have against Biafrans.

People like you celebrate when innocent people are killed, who calls white black and who stands for injustice and wickedness, deserves to be locked up in a cage like animals cause you reason exactly like them. Even some animals reason better than the Nigeria media. Your reports show how wicked and animalistic you are. It is you and all your like-minded people that deserve to be mowed down like the animals you wished for Biafrans.

What Biafrans did today was not different from what happened across the globe yet nobody was killed. Even in the inauguration arena there were protesters, yet the security peacefully managed the situation ''Change'' a very deep word, and we took it as free and as easy as we thought. Did Buhari actually mean change from the rule of law to total disregard to law? Did they say from era of 167 to a dollar to a time of 500! , did they mean change from freedom of speech and movement to a time of speak and be thrown into DSS dungeon? I bet the killing of Shiites is an excellent development, extra-judicial murders of Biafrans and unlawfully detention of Nnamdi Kanu, now secret trial, now nobody is talking.

Imagine that young life... why are Nigerian armed forces trigger happy and only on armless people while Fulani herdsmen are roaming freely with ak47s. Shame to all those supporting this act of the Nigeria military.... you are the very reason why this country is this bad. You don't disperse the armless crowd with this method. People say they want their own country.

Everybody ask you to negotiate with them, you refuse. Are you God? You want to use force to hold them if they were Fulani will you apply force or diplomacy? Buhari wants to negotiate with Boko Haram and use force on unarmed Biafra protesters. Buhari wants to use force on unarmed Biafra protesters but ignores murderous Fulani herdsmen.
This is the question that the world must ask.

The right of peaceful assembly is the natural right of any human being, BIAFRANS cannot be treated differently, when it comes to issues of Biafra Restoration is our right, and the law on self-determination asserts that.

All hail Biafra.

Editor Udeagha Obasi

For Umuchiukwu Writers
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