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■ January 14, 2017
The scriptural injunction which says, nothing secret that cannot be crowded played out on the 10th of January 2017.
Time was 10:20 am when the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra walked into federal high court Abuja Nigeria flanked by Nigerian security men along with his co Biafran defendants. He was to prison in a concocted case of treasonable felony, minutes after taken his seat that he made a shocking pronouncements saying quotes: I'M WAITING FOR RAPHAEL UWAZURUIKE TO COME AND TESTIFY AGAINST ME AS A MASQUERADE. Before that day, the presiding judge, Justice Binta Nyako had ruled in one of her court sitting that masquerade will be brought to testify against NNAMDI KANU which he rejected. The revelation about the strange man behind the mask masquerade jolted the overcrowded court, with some saying that IPOB leader pronouncements on Uwazuruike was a guess work but, it hit the targeted masquerade and his master Mohamadu Buhari president of Nigeria.
First to react negatively was the presiding judge, Justice Binta Nyako who stormed out of the court angrily furious about the turn of events. None of us curious Biafrans knew what she was up to after adjourning the case to two days later being 12 the of January 2017.
Following day 11th of January, 2017 the bubble bust, Mr Raphael Uwazuruike has been prophesied as the secret masquerade shockingly appeared in Punch newspaper washing his dirty garment before the stunning world in the form of accusations against the Biafran leader. First Uwazuruike he said, I brought NNAMDI KANU from the gutter on the street of London as nobody, lamenting that he made Mazi NNAMDI KANU as director of Radio Biafra London, he did not even go to school but is doing yahoo with the hierarchy of the indigenous people of Biafra. Not yet done in his frustration, Uwazuruike claimed that the Biafran leader is afraid to go to jail, high jacked his flourishing business, MASSOB now BIM.
Gentlemen, what does the above CONFESSION mean and why did Uwazuruike wait till a day after being busted before telling the surprised world his grievances? The answer is simple, his deal with the Islamic president of Nigeria to lie and frame up the innocent Biafran leader failed right in front of lawyers, friends of Biafrans and world press.
Uwazuruike claimed to be a lawyer but did not know the definition of " Jail " when he said, NNAMDI KANU is afraid to go to jail. Merriam-Webster defined prison as ( a place of detention of a convicted criminal or a person awaiting trial) obviously, the word afraid is an adjective but (go) is a future tense, go shouldn't have been the proper word because the Biafran leader is already in detention.

How can someone inside the river say, I don't want this water to touch me? Uwazuruike was not himself when he granted the press interview, maybe he is afraid himself of what will happen if he did not come so quickly and tell the world that NNAMDI KANU snatched Biafran struggle from his hands when he was asleep.

Uwazuruike for 16 years he paraded himself with Biafran flag, killed more than 10 thousand uninformed Biafran men and women hungry to reclaim Biafran homeland stolen from them by Britain and the zoo called Nigeria. But just within five to six years Mazi NNAMDI KANU was able to pull more than 70 million Biafrans home and abroad to que behind him staking their lives and resources voluntary. Right now, he is dining and wining with the enemy state and it bloody politicians without shame. Uwazuruike has committed the highest FRAUD against Biafrans, and after the expiration of four days given to him by the IPOB hierarchy to prove his fraud case against them beyond the reasonable doubt, we hope that Biafrans will begin the process of investigating Uwazuruike's wealth and how he acquired them and lost more than 10 thousand Biafrans.

Editor Udeagha Obasi
For Umuchiukwu Writers

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  1. Saboteur Uwazuruik has entered the ant-climax of his dubious life style that tended to be a cog in wheel of Biafra restoration for over 15 years under his clueless leadership of MASSOB before his shameful exit into the Biafrans Independence Movement.He should however know that Easterners are wiser now under our dynamic Leaderl,Generallismo Nnamdi KANU. Uwazuruike can never decieve Biafrans again. Enough is enough.

  2. No wonder! Uwazuruike wanted Nnamdi Kanu dead at all cost. Uwazuruike thought that he could play a cleaver dirty deceit with Buhari to cover his dirty tracks and get away with all of the crimes that he actually committed against Biafrans. Touch not my anointed one so says the Lord! God has punished Uwazuruike for trying to gamble with Nnamdi Kanu's head, as well as with Biafrans and with the entire Biafra!!!