January 29, 2017 19:10 CET

Biafra: ECOWAS In A State Of Confusion, Who Bewitched Africa?

ECOWAS, retrace your step now or risk image tarnishing

On the 17th day of January 2017, ECOWAS community court of Justice adjourned the case between Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and the Federal Government of Nigeria to March 7, 2017 with a conditional statement subjecting the said date to further reviewing and possible endless adjournments, giving no reason for that.

Before breaking down ECOWAS’ unimaginable state of scalar condition which has positioned a once revered body to a directionless entity, I would like to religiously pinpoint in black and white why Africa is still underdeveloped.

ECOWAS is one of the main problems of the African continent, though some school of thoughts would blame Western world for Africa's woes. The plight facing West African people and Africans at large lingers due to ECOWAS’ lackadaisical attitude in standing firm to confront its problems by taking the bull by the horns.

The precarious situation challenging Africa has gotten to a crescendo where innocent citizens across African nations have begun to ask questions: who bewitched Africa? What would it benefit ECOWAS to accept grants from devil and delay justice?

We should recall that in the case between IPOB's leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, and the Nigerian government on 6th day of October 2016, the Federal Government of Nigeria absconded from ECOWAS Court with flimsy excuses of having another court case in Kaduna which IPOB and Kanu's lawyer, Ejiofor, objected pointing out that he met the Federal Government's defense counsel the previous day at the court. The presiding judge, Justice Nwoke, thereafter adjourned the case to 8th November, 2016 for hearing and final judgment.

On the 8th November, 2016, ECOWAS community court of Justice adjourned Nnamdi Kanu's fundamental human rights case against the Federal Government of Nigeria to February 9 for final hearing. The presiding judge, Micah Wright, who was among the three-man ECOWAS judges who initially adjourned the case to November 8, 2016 following an application by the defendant, adjourned the case again.

Throughout those court processes, the Nigerian government stopped paying her statutory duty to ECOWAS in a bid to blackmail once respected and cherished ECOWAS.

Recall that before the commencement of Kanu's case hearing, the Nigerian government had threatened ECOWAS Court to throw away Kanu's case; but being a case of fundamental human rights violations of a citizen of a member state, ECOWAS Court went further to entertain the case.

It is very astonishing to note that the same ECOWAS Court of Justice who delivered justice in the case of Dazuki and Zakzaky is now running away from Kanu's case. ECOWAS in jittery and nervousness, knowing fully well that we all knew what to expect from February 9 court hearing, hurriedly shifted the case to March 7, 2017 with postulation subjecting the date to further adjournment.

ECOWAS has eaten from the devil’s pot. She has made love with beast, holding Africa to hostage. ECOWAS is now unclean, she has contracted the Nigerian corruption disease and her menstrual pain will continue unabated until we rise to cure her.

Every lover of freedom should rise up and condemn the Nigerian government who has blackmailed ECOWAS to submission.

There is a proverb that says: when a hunter shoots without missing, birds fly without perching and when a bird flies without perching, the hunter shoots without targeting.
The greatest mistake ECOWAS and the Nigerian government will make in this 21st century is to take the New Biafra struggle as the 1967 genocidal war where the Nigerian government in connivance with AU, UK and Soviet Union massacred innocent children and raped women to bleeds and eventual death.

ECOWAS, Nigeria and their cohorts can never win this war against Biafra restoration because New Biafrans invest in information technology which will make it impossible for MSM to misinform the world.

I want the whole world to know that this current generation of Biafra has decided to hand over a free Biafran Nation to the upcoming generations.

The world should take a leaf from this fact: if the current President of United State of America, Donald J. Trump could defeat mainstream media in a landslide, Biafrans will defeat all demons working against restoration of Biafra nation in the same manner.

Since it is obvious that Biafra can not be stopped neither can the Nigerian government win Nnamdi Kanu, I urge ECOWAS community court of Justice, as a matter of urgency, to retrace their step back or risk image tarnishing.

Seeing that ECOWAS was established to resolve disputes related to community's treaty, protocols and conventions and coupled with the fact that it has competence to hear individual complaints of alleged human rights violations, therefore, the ECOWAS community court of Justice  should hold the fundamental human rights of all West African  citizens as priority.

May I sound it into the minds of everyone that "At this stage of Biafra restoration struggle, any person assuming that IPOB will back off is either drunk to stupor or hallucinating" because Kanu represents freedom and IPOB represents a movement like-never-before to restore the dignity of Man in Africa.

This is so because Africa is in darkness, a dumping ground for other continents and a vaccine experimental arena; and the black power to free her from bondage rests upon Biafran Nation. It may sound superstitious, but the likes of British government are aware of the powers Chukwu Okike(God the creator) bestowed on Biafra.

Freedom of Biafra is freedom of Africa. Enslavement of Biafra is enslavement of Africa.

Therefore, ECOWAS, the choice is yours and I suggest you make a right choice because you can't stop Biafra tsunami.

Written by Chinedu Solomon
Edited by Ogu Edozie Williams
Published by IPOB writers

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