By IPOB writers

So much have  been revealed about Nigeria's situation since Buhari took office as the civilian elected president.  This President is a blessing in disguise for being the mirror of Nigeria  Everything about Nigeria is false, fake and artificially presented to the world; in other words, Nigeria is not what it claims to be.  There is no difference between Nigeria and  chameleon.

Regrettably, Nigeria is chronically and endemically full of decrepit. There is no truth whatsoever that comes out of Nigeria.  Every word that comes out the President is deceptive, even David Cameron of Britain put it simply that this is a fantastically corrupt country. There is nothing to refute about because Buhari ran for the Presidency to fight corruption but he is fighting and probing his opposition parties. He himself is corrupt or simply stated "a demon casting out a demon."

To the point this is is specifically directed to the public relation officer of the 82nd battalion of the Nigerian Army that carried out shameless and gruesome massacre of unarmed defensteless Biafrans inside Churches, praying school grounds in Aba, the Onitsha and Asaba.  Not to forget the ones found in mass graves, the chemicalized corpses to cover detection, the famous Ezu river bodies of young Biafrans.  Furthermore, there are still unaccounted for, missing Bianfrans under the custody of 82nd battalion.  82ND. BATTALION OF THE NIGERIAN ARMY IS BUHARI'S DEATH SQUAD.  THIS IS WHY TUKUR BURTAI AND ARESE WHERE IN CHARGE AND ISSUED ORDERS TO SHOOT TO KILL AFTER READING ANTI RIOT ACT TO INNOCENT UNARMED PROTESTERS.

THE RECENT DENIAL by the DEPUTY DIECTOR ARMY PUBLIC RELATION OFFICER COL. SAGIR-MUSA  of the 82nd. Battalion that there was no truth to the crimes further goes to show that these people have no single  moral, truth, shame or remorse in them.  When deception, lies is chronic and endemic in your system this is the result.  You are so used to denial and not accept responsibility for your crimes that you lie from your head to your toes even with the pictures, videos and witnesses showing otherwise.  If you can deny a crime that  you were caught committing only heaven knows what you people must have done inside your barracks where people have no access to.  You and your accomplices will soon be brought to books because you will not hide under this false power for too long.
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