■ Author: Ezekwereogu John
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ 

■ January 25, 2017

Nigeria is a place where law and order are not regarded. I think that the same situation which necessitated the emergence of the Republic of Biafra in the 1960's is here with us again. The only difference is this: in the 60's, it happened in the North against the Biafrans, but today (more than 50 years after) it is going on right inside our own living rooms not only to the Christians but to the entire Biafrans. The killing of unarmed innocent Biafrans in Rivers State is a reminder that the genocide which was committed by Buhari and others against Biafrans in the 60's is yet to come to an end.

The time for action is getting nearer, The shooting of IPOB members is uncalled for more especially as it was a peaceful procession to celebrate the victory of Mr Trump the new USA President. I am an eyes witness to the killings in Biafra land. What baffles me is the denial of the Police and Military that nobody was shot. In fact, people killed were more than eleven being quoted by the media. In America people demonstrated against Trump none was killed.

In Lagos, some people claiming to be Civil Rights groups held protests against Trump and nothing happened to them. Why should it be in Biafra land that such a thing happened? Buhari and his agents of destruction called army and police should face the wrath of the law, let them be prosecuted and made to face the law. How many people have been killed by these people since their leader Buhari came to power, the renowned jihadist who is on a mission of forcefully Islamising Biafrans since he came to power. How many of them have been jailed? Millions of Biafrans have been continually murdered and killed, the genocide inclusive.

The restoration of Biafra will crush the zoo called Nigeria under the heavy weight of the huge injustices and corrupt leadership that bedevil her. All hail Biafra.

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