By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

As the day for appearance in court of Nnamdi Kanu, leader of Indigenous People of Biafra and Director of Radio Biafra, approaches, Northern Nigerian rulers are in panic. The persecution of Kanu, which the Fulani murderers ruling Nigeria calls a trial, comes up again this month, January 10, 2017.
It comes up at the so-called Federal High Court in Abuja, in the form of a treasonable felony trial being supervised by the sharia Justice Binta Nyako. The so-called trial, which is just persecution, ended in an explosive note last month when Kanu gave the judge, Binta Nyako, and Muhammadu Buhari (the satanic Nigerian President) a piece of his mind regarding the sham trial. Indeed, he gave them a lot to chew before the next court session.

Nyako had upheld the request of Buhari’s Gestapo – Department of State Security (DSS) – for a secret trial for Kanu. But the Biafran leader would have none of it. He told the court that he would not subject himself to a trial which the Nigerian dictator, Buhari, would not respect. Previous courts had granted him bail to Kanu, but Buhari refused to obey them. Instead he went ahead to harass, abduct and detain the judges under the guise of fighting corruption.
Kanu also told them that he would not subject himself to a trial in cattle republic (Buhari was a cattle herder before he was smuggled into the military, and have been running Nigeria like a cattle ranch). He also declared that he would not subject himself to a trial where men (probably government agents) would be placed behind mask to testify against him. He therefore said he would not allow himself to be testified against by masquerades. Going further, he told the world that Buhari will not accuse him in public then want to try him in secret.

While saying these, he did not fail to let them understand that they had not only shown themselves to be “mad”, but also to be foolish. He considered it the height of insensitivity and unjustness for Buhari to appoint his “sister” in his case, which is very serious and of utmost importance to the international community.
He also told them to their faces that by the time he finished testifying in the sham case against him that the evil contraption called Nigeria which they called their country would break in pieces. Because of this particular declaration, many Biafrans express their intention to be in court; to be personal observers to the expose.

Fulani rulers have been chewing on these threats with so much fear and trepidation. Information getting to Biafra Choice Writers is that Northern Fulani rulers, who depend on the criminal contraption for sustenance, are now running helter-skelter. It is apparent they were afraid; not knowing how much Kanu knew about the fake and expired Nigeria, and how much he was going to divulge.
Reports indicate that Buhari have been having butterflies in his stomach. He has become extremely fearful that Nigeria would break under his watch. He has been ruing the day he gave the other for Kanu’s abduction.

Other Northern Nigerian rulers like Satan of Sokoto, Siad Abubakar, has been touring Biafraland, phoning and visiting politicians and Northern stooges in the region; and mounting pressures on them not to allow Biafra to happen.
They knew the things Kanu said were damaging enough. For instance, why would illiterate Buhari go to national television and accuse Kanu of treason (lying against the Biafran leader) only to plot a secret trial so that his accusations (lies) would not be revealed to the world?

Come Tuesday, January 10, Biafrans will be looking out to see the next shenanigan the Fulani invaders will play in court.
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