You never know who the Angel will visit and for what purpose?  Former President Olusegun Obasanjo have been making some eye raising brow statements recently with regard to Nigeria's shameful and sad state of affairs.  Obasanjo if my memory serves me right is the one that championed in the killings of Biafrans in the war of 1967/70.  He participated in the looting, corruption and the destruction of the economy.  He abandoned President Goodluck EbeleJonathan curdlled the genocidist from Daura Mohammed Buhari.  Nothing concerning the Biafrans was of any importance to him.

The Biafrans have been appealing for help and change of direction by the government of Nigeria towards total disregard to the hopeless situation these young Biafrans were facing daily.  When help did not come and the Biafrans took a strong stand and raised the stake by demanding nothing short of independent state of Biafra, Mr. Obasanjo unmistakably without any reservations boasted them as miscreants.  Why?  Because they were bold to ask for their future in a different setting and with dignity.  To cement this of belittling the Biafrans, the whole ball of wax emanated after the end of the war, the Biafrans will have no say towards anything that has to do with the direction the zoo Nigeria goes.

THE LABELLED MISCREANTS continued their demand and were summarily massacred in different parts of their cities for making God given right to be heard seen and assemble.  You did not as an elder statesman condem any of these attrocities because you are part and parcel of the problem.  Your Yoruba kinsmen up till today harbor hate towards the Biafrans because you all thought that all is and will be well with you and the Hausa Fulanis.  The game plan of the Fulanis are fast unfolding right before your eyes and that of the willing Hausa tool Yakubu Gowon.  He was singing and dancing the same tune with you when it comes to Biafra.

The miscreant Biafrans under the Leadership of Nnamdi Kanu have unshakably stood firm to their demand and belief,  they have exposed evil Nigeria and have nothing to do with it.  As of today Mr. Obasanjo the tune of the music has changed and you are now reasoning out of fear.  Are we still (miscreants)?  What label did the Hausa/Fulani who are blood thirsty and have committed so much crimes all over Biafra and Yorubaland get? What Label did the Yorubas who cowardly conspired with the Hausas and still engages in the destruction of properties belonging to Biafrans get?

THE ANGEL OF THE LORD VISITED YOU AND YOU HAVE STARTED TO SPEAK IN DIFFERENT TONGUES.  The visit to Aba in Biafraland and henceforth call for the patronizing of made in ABA products including military shoes.  The strange gathering and hymnal singing by the old guards  I don't know if it was a final death song for Nigeria.  "Just one dance or for the good time sake.". The most and the scariest is the call on the Hausas to make way for IBO PRESIDENCY in 2019.  Of what use will be of the Presidency to the Biafrans?  The Northerners are born to rule and there they have it.  How was Jonathan treated? The blood of the Biafrans have been spilled continuously for the illusive One Nigeria.  Let the Hausas and the Yorubas vie for the post and spill their bloods and leave  the Biafrans out of it.  From 1914 - 2017 the order of the day is kill the IGBOS (general terms for Biafrans).

We are unwilling sacrificial lambs for Nigeria.  To see to the complete demise and disintegration of Nigeria is a task that must be accomplished because the territorial intergrity of falsely created country and constant enslavement of Biafrans is of no importance when compared to the innocent lives wasted daily as well as the havoc caused by Buharis Boko  Haram.  I think the Angel is showing Obasanjo what the fate of Nigeria is going to be.  
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