By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

The name, Donald Trump, is resonating all over Biafraland at the moment, as the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) get set to celebrate him in a big way, as the incoming President of the United States of America (US). Trump will be inaugurated (sworn in) as President of the US (POTUS) this January 20, 2017, and Biafrans do not want to be left out in what they called “a history making event”.

After the storming of Trump Towers last January 13 by Biafrans, in a great show of solidarity and support, Biafrans are turning their attention to celebrating him in their homeland, where more than 60 million Biafrans reside. Plans for the celebration are (even now) concluded, which will have up to 22 million indigenous Biafrans flooding the streets of Biafra – the land of the rising sun – to celebrate the man who many of them describe as a worthy friend.

The celebration resounding all across Biafraland will coalesce in Port Harcourt (Igweocha), the capital of Rivers State. Port Harcourt, the main celebration point is expected to host the more than 22 million people that will gather on January 20.
According to IPOB officials on the homeland front, who spoke to Biafra Choice Writers, the plans for the celebration of Trump as the President of United States of America (USA) are already concluded. They said what would take place on that day of swearing in will be huge and earthshaking. They claimed it would be a celebration that will be remembered for centuries to come.
The Biafran leaders in Biafraland said they considered many of Trump’s statements to be most appropriate for the world of today. They insisted that after the disaster called Barack Obama (a closet Moslem who led the world with so many lies and gargantuan deceits), that the coming of Trump was a blessing. A great number of them expressed the opinion that humanity will have a new and better lease of life with Trump on the saddle.

According to one of them, Carlistus Obigwe, after the atrocities terrorists were allowed to commit all over the world under the Obama Presidency, that the Presidency of Trump promises to be a breath of fresh air. “If Trump is a friend of Biafra and by implication the USA, will that not be a good thing? Will it not be good?” queried the homeland man, Obigwe. “We should not alienate ourselves from a country that should be a natural ally to Biafra and its people; and which holds great promise for humanity” he added.
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