BIAFRA TELEGRAH (2nd and 3rd International edition) Released!
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The 2nd and 3rd Edition of Biafra Telegraph International Magazine, a publication of the Diaspora arm of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), is released for sale. The magazine, which was created to aid in the internationalization of the Biafra struggle for the restoration of the independent free state of Biafra, has been a huge success.
The magazine is specially designed to reach people who want to know more about the freedom-loving people of Biafra; and the lofty ideals of the Biafran struggle. The fact that the zoo (Nigerian) government has done everything within its power, to scuttle the production and distribution of these recent first and second editions shows the explosiveness of publication – in contents, beauty and style.
Nigeria government knows the Nigeria Telegraph International Magazine has the potential to sink the accursed country this year (2017).

The currently released 2nd and 3rd editions chronicle the current Nigerian government’s killing of Biafrans; the attempt to cover-up the killings by Muhammadu Buhari, Nigerian President and his Gestapo henchmen; and the obstinate stance of Biafrans to overcome all the challenges. The Biafra Telegraph International Magazine also has information on past killings and all other atrocities committed against Biafrans by Nigeria (with the full support of British government, even in the cover-ups). They equally have demographic information on Biafra from the deep past, long before the advent of the British colonialists. They have demographic information on Biafra; on Biafra restoration efforts – Biafraexit; and other current issues. In addition, the two new editions have comprehensive reports on human right groups like Amnesty international, intersociety, and security operatives.
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