Biafrans protesting
By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

The most dangerous plan for the next Biafran genocide is to be personally supervised by Muhammadu Buhari, the Nigerian President who is also the African number one mad man. At this moment, it is seriously loading. But will Biafrans allow it?
The leadership of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) have warned that it would not stand by and watch that happen. As a matter of fact, and in view of that, they have warned the Nigerian mass murderer, through a Press Statement, to cancel his planned visit to their land, Biafraland, which was fixed for Thursday, December 22.  Biafrans are aware that the plan was for Buhari’s personal supervision of the atrocities that would commence in earnest on the date he sets foot on Biafraland.
The action is to be the second genocide against Biafrans by Nigeria, just like the first genocide of 1966 to 1970. Buhari and his Gestapo, the Directorate of State Security (DSS), concluded plans to commence the Operation Wipe Out (Owo) of the IPOB leadership at home and abroad. They hoped it would help them derail the well organized and coordinated IPOB “Biafraexit” activities that are already rocking the world.
Before Buhari flies in, the DSS was mandated to commence the elimination of Biafran leaders or possibly detaining them, where summary execution proved difficult. IPOB leadership, after getting this intelligence, mandated its membership to be wary of the satanic DSS. It also mandated the Biafraland coordinators to place every DSS office and detention center in Biafraland under remote video surveillance. They were tasked to make sure that every DSS operative in Biafraland was identified, and their every detail communicated to Head of Biafra Security in each zone.
Information getting to Biafra Choice Writers, showed that different lines of action were actually planned to be used in subverting IPOB legitimate activities, even if illegitimately. The objective of the Fulani led Nigerian government under Buhari was for total subjugation of Biafrans, especially through military occupation. It first started with two deadly maneuvers codenamed “Operation Crocodile Smile” and “Python Dance”. It was instituted to dehumanize the youths of the land, and intended to provoke them into violence. But the people were wiser; they kept their cool and refused to go the way of violence.
Subsequent action was making sure that every Biafran travelling to Biafraland from other parts of the world were frisked, and if discovered to be part of the IPOB worldwide coalition, taken out. That too failed because Biafrans were warned and many decided not to embark on the journey, a yearly ritual that most Igbo Biafrans were known for.
The whole plan started immediately Buhari was rigged into office by the duo of Barack Obama, outgoing president of the United States of America (USA); and David Cameron, the former Prime Minister of United Kingdom (UK). Since then, Buhari and his men (masquerading as Nigerian Army) have killed scores of Biafrans leading to the latest Amnesty International (AI) report. The report put the number of Biafrans Buhari’s Fulani Army killed at 150 people. However, Biafrans insist the number was more.
As things stand now, come Thursday, December 22, Biafrans will step out in their millions in Enugu, Biafra capital, for a massive protest against the mass murderer Buhari stepping his accursed legs in Biafraland.
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