BIAFRA: What an ironical syndicate, for a Hausa-Fulani murderer to be compensated, to stop killing, while a citizen, who only came out to protest the illegal denial of bail, torture, molestation, ill humane treatment of her leader is facing a treasonable felony with her tender age baby? This is disgusting, and an unprofessional counsel, by any judge in charge of such pronouncement. It is an unauthorised charge, against Mrs Florence Ugozi who is going through torture in prison, for one year, only because she exercised her right, through a peaceful protest. Hausa-Fulani murderers had killed not less than half a million people, in the Eastern part. Not for a day, did we hear or see anyone of them passing prosecution. We never heard that the Nigerian army, shoot or teargassed them. We never heard of any condemnation or arraignment of any of them. What has Nigeria turned into? How can such crime be condoned with all impunity, giving us no doubt, that the Nigerian government are the brain behind the unprecedented killings of innocent people of Biafrans, via Hausa-Fulani?
Mrs Florence Ugozi has been in prison, for over one year, with her baby. It's Amazing to know that she had killed no one, neither was she caught stealing. She has been passing through such treatment, only because she protested against the illegal detention of our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. This is unjust to know, that a court in Port Harcourt of Rivers State, has charged her with Treasonable Felony. What? I can't stop imaging what the Nigerian government, could mean by TREASONABLE FELONY. As days passes, on a daily basis, it began to dawn on me that the Nigerian government has become so incompetent to the core.

It's no longer news that the president of this damn contraption, has no brain, and worst still, is illiterate. Now, it's obvious that Nigeria has a huge problem to counter or face damnation. In a country, where civil rights become an abomination, human rights violated, while crimes are being celebrated with all effrontery and impunity. What do you classify such country to be? If a protest can be counted as treason, why is the judiciary functioning till date? In other words, the judiciary is a crime, and should as a matter of urgency, become dismantled.
The leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra, mazi Nnamdi Kanu has been in detention for the past one year and has been charged with the alleged charge of Treasonable Felony. Alongside with other Biafrans with him, who has also been in the detention with him, facing one or two charges. Though the Nigerian government has failed woefully to produce evidence which can be used to clarify their claims. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has gone through tortures and all manner of illegal treatment from them. It's also on documentary files that Muhammadu Buhari, the president of the contraption, has vowed, and went as far as warning the judges not to grant Mazi Nnamdi Kanu Bail.
Buhari made this known, on the 30th May, that no one can grant Nnamdi Kanu Bail. This has led to the numerous number of protests, in the Biafra Land, and also in other parts of the country, including the zoo called Nigeria. The Nigerian government has failed to understand the sole meaning of treasonable felony. If the judges and the Nigerian Bar Association, (NBA) refuses to lecture this illiterate on the meaning of treason, we shall gladly do so. It is crystal clear, that Muhamadu Buhari the paedophile has mounted pressures on the whole judges to make sure that those who are being held in prison will not get justice. The world should remember that justice delayed is justice denied.

The tyrannical blood that flows in the bloodstream of Muhammadu Buhari is so desperate. Buhari on the 31st day of December, in the year 1983, committed treason, against the then head of State, Gen. Shehu Shagari. Till date, he has not answered for that crime. What impunity could he have obtained, only to come up today and label a protester to be charged with a treasonable felony? Some months ago, Buhari freed a notorious murderer, who has been in prison, for crimes he committed. On the contrary, he is molesting someone who has not even beaten anyone. Buhari is a mediocre, a hypocrite and a tyrant of the highest other.
It's only in Nigeria that a year old child could be accountable for treasonable felony. It's only in Nigeria that peaceful protest could connote into a treasonable offence. What is this treason all about? It's an act to overthrow an existing government. In the first place, we are the Indigenous People Of Biafra, seeking for an independent Biafran Nation. We do not have any intention of remaining with Nigeria.

We are only trying to exit this contraption that has become a mockery stuff. How could we possibly attempt to overthrow a government we do not care for? Incredibly insanity! Nigeria is on the verge of conformity. All we ask for is to release Mrs Florence Ugozi and her little baby now. #Freedom for #FlorenceUgozi #Freedom for #MaziNnamdiKanu #Freedom for #AllBiafransInTheNigerianPrison

Ugochinyere Onyechere
Editor Udeagha Obasi
For Umuchiukwu writers.
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  1. For Buhari to arrest a little tiny innocent baby and the mother really goes to show that Mohammadu Buhari is a lunatic!!!