■ Author: Ugochinyere Onyechere
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■ December 18, 2016
In a country like Nigeria, things go contrary to the way it supposed. It is the only country that allows criminals to walk freely, while the innocents languish in prison. It's the only country where evil is condoned, and given room to penetrate the outfit of the rule of law. It's the only country that accommodates bribe and corruption, stealing, looting, and so forth. The leaders are sources of evils, beyond human imaginary. What a deceitful and irritating contraption!
I could possibly connote this contraption called a country, to a zoo where wild animals dwell because it's nothing more of that. For people like Orji Uzor Kalu to come publicly and recommend secret trial for a man that has never killed anyone, is an abomination. If I were opportune to interview him, I would ask him if he thinks he's worthy to set his evil eyes on prophet Nnamdi Kanu. My question has to do with the spirit aspect because I know he's negatively spiritual somehow.
Orji Uzor Kalu is the former executive governor of Abia State, Biafra Land. I need to tell you that he's a thief. Unapologetically, I call him a thief because he is one! Abia State is one of the states that adds values to the contraption called Nigeria. Throughout his eight years in power, he could not transform Abia State, despite how resourceful Abia State is. Talking about corrupt leaders of Nigeria, Orji Uzor Kalu is on the list of top ten. Today, the situation and mess undergone by the citizens of Abia State is an epileptic condition, of which should be used as a judgement against the idiot.
People like Orji Kalu deserves to be stoned to death. What moral justification has he, that has given him the impetuous right to boldly address Nnamdi Kanu in the first place? What moral right has he possessed that made him that brave? I know that time like this will definitely come. On normal circumstances, Orji Kalu deserves to die. He has messed up his state, could not achieve any infrastructure for whole eight years, and today, he is walking freely on the street, advocating for secret trial against a man publicly accused. I thought an alleged ANTI-CORRUPTION WAR is ongoing?
Why are people like Orji Kalu still parading themselves as saints while innocent Biafrans are meant to suffer and face injustices from the so-called anti-corruption fighters? This is incredible. It's unbelievable that Buhari allowed Orji Uzor Kalu to walk free. Probably because he is one of the tools he uses to suppress the Biafran people. Orji Uzor Kalu needs to be careful; hence he will pay on behalf of others who are playing this same joke on us. Goodness me! We are whiter than white, and whiter than snow. How does he think rightfully that we shall abode with him? Of course impossible! Light and darkness have nothing in common.
The city of Aba, where a popular market, Ariaria International market is located, is the worst place to be. The Nigerian media houses should visit Port-Harcourt Road, and show the world the plight of Abians. People should visit The old Express built by Sir Mbakwe Samuel, that linked from Olumbe road in Aba to Port-Harcourt, and understand what I mean. I know the one of Ariaria market is globally known. How many shall I mention? It's under Orji Uzor Kalu that free education was declared, yet students were asked to pay more than those attending private schools stressing that it's not tuition fees but termed it to be tuition fee, of which I was a victim.
In Aba as a whole, no real road to be accessed. Yet, he's so bold and proud to speak junks. Oh, i can see he has finally joined his saviour. A government that proves to be fighting corruption, while shielding many corrupt entities. So obvious that the Muhammadu Buhari led government, cannot differentiate corruption from right. So painful that an innocent person could be made to pay for another man's iniquity. Nigeria is damn hell! There is no hell greater than being in Nigeria. What an injury to democracy. Orji Kalu has forgotten that he should be in jail for looting and money laundering.
He relaxes in his comfort zone, only to think of complicating issues. He has said nothing, in condemnation of the extra-judicial killing of Biafrans at national high school Aba. He has gout to open his stinking mouth to accommodate an illegal battle against his own people. What a shame? Why have these entities so foolish and blind? Why have they refused to learn the simplest ideology? They think we are playing child's play. We are more determined to the core. If Orji Uzo Kalu can be walking free, why should a secret trial be conducted against someone publicly accused?
This is an unfair judgement. We know quite alright that Orji Uzor Kalu is playing a script, and that's to deceive the world. I could vividly remember that all this while people have been visiting mazi Nnamdi Kanu, there has never been any picture taken inside the prison. I am still confused on why it should be done, now it's the turn of Orji Uzor Kalu. They take us to be fooled. What an irony. We are smarter. It's only in mockery of the fool because the world has his filthy documents. People like Nnamdi Kanu cannot be deceived. Orji Uzor Kalu should have addressed the federal government of the zoo, to halt every secret trial.
Corruption manipulates goodwill in Nigeria, that's the reason Nigeria can never survive; hence evil is the foundation. Orji Uzor Kalu should think of how to be thrown exile, when Biafra comes, not seeking for cheap fame and popularity. He should start thinking about how to pay for those who were shot by the same government he is working in favour. It's too late for him to weep, even though he is a terror, to humanity. Biafrans are determined, and would actually get Biafra, in every way imaginable. Biafrans are not fools, we are out to get what we own. Orji Uzor Kalu should provide that money he squandered, therefore rendering his people useless. Buhari welcome to anti-corruption war.

Editor Udeagha Obasi
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