By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

For more than two weeks now, Muhammadu Buhari’s Fulani Army has been under sun and dust in Biafraland, in that part which they called the South-east. They were there, hoping that – among other things – they would find justification for their many evils against the Biafran people. But they are not succeeding.
There, they called their activities Operation Python Dance, claiming it was a security precaution meant to protect the people from criminals during the Christmas season. Meanwhile Biafraland is that part of West Africa, which has been most crime-free in the past forty years. This is why most of the people have wondered when it became important to the Nigerian authority to protect Biafrans, a people they have been massacring since 1966.

However, as things stand now, fillers getting to Biafra Choice Writers is that Buhari, the African number one blood-thirsty dictator; and his men on ground in the streets of Biafraland are frustrated beyond words.  It is being revealed that only the top men in his corrupt military are the ones that are smiling at the moment as they have already taken custody – and shared out amongst themselves – the millions released for the operation. But for Buhari and his men on ground in the streets of Biafraland, frustration and fear of failure has become their second nature.

According to the information getting to Biafra Choice Writers from a source at the leadership of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), the reason for their frustration was because Buhari’s expectations were not met. He had expected that the presence of Nigerian soldiers in the streets of Biafraland will provoke the people and lead them to confront the Army. He had hoped also to use the opportunity of such a confrontation to provide photo and video clips which he would send to the international community as well as international media.

They had not believed his defence against the recent report of Amnesty International (AI) on how Nigerian soldiers had massacred more than 150 unarmed Biafrans. He had been claiming that the Biafrans were armed and in violent confrontation against the military before the killings took place. They had requested proves which he had not been able to produce. He had hoped that his dubious Operation Python Dance would grant him an opportunity to cook-up something. But it has not materialized.

But Biafrans were never armed and had never been violent. They have always conducted their campaign for the restoration of Biafra in the most peaceful manner. So it was a foolish hope expecting them to confront the military. Therefore they have ignored Buhari’s Fulani Army of occupation in their land and went about their normal businesses.
The next thing Buhari had hoped to achieve through the operation was to discover arms influx into Biafraland as his dumb intelligence arms had informed him that Biafrans would use the period to import arms for confrontation against Nigerian forces.  Buhari had hoped that it would help him to authenticate his lies as defence for the murder of Biafrans. But he has failed, and reports indicate that he had met with great frustration since the operation began.

An IPOB source told us that Buhari and his fellow Nigerian killers like Olusegun Obasanjo and Yakubu Gowon was foolish thinking that Biafrans would help them turn their land into a theatre of war again. He explained further: “What they are doing is actually what we want them to do – spend all their money in fighting a war that nobody is fighting them while their populations die in abject poverty and neglect. If they think Biafrans will fight them in Biafraland, let them think again and again. Our battle-field is among the international community. By the time we are through with them, their own people will bring them out and kill them”.

He said the next thing they expected Buhari to do would be to use his new-found quisling, Orji Uzor Kalu and other people like him, to organize some hungry and uniformed youths to act as Biafrans attacking soldiers. “Even for that, we are prepared for them. Operation Python Dance is nothing but Nigerian Fulani military occupation of Biafraland, but we are not moved by it” he said finally.

ation Python Dance is nothing but Nigerian Fulani military occupation of Biafraland, but we are not moved by it” he said finally.
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