BIAFRA: Where are the real men? Where are the people with a clear conscience? Where are the people that believe in righteousness? Where has justice and equal right been relegated to? When I look at Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, I see a noble and innocent man that has the good interest of his people at heart, a man that wants to stop seeing his people being killed like flies by the Nigerian government. A man determined to give his life for the freedom of his people. A man that felt so battered to see his people suffer. A rear gem, a man that did what few has done. Seeing the pictures of our brothers and sisters murdered in our quest for a free Biafra, that of our parents suffering from malnutrition and starving to death because of the blockade laid by the Nigerian government when they were committing the great genocide tagged Biafran war will put tears on the face of the strongest of men with the hardest heart. This act of wickedness keeps happening to Biafrans until a selfless man that cared more about Biafrans than he cared for himself and family, arose and decided to put away his comfort, happiness, royal hood to liberate his people.
Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's crime was that he keep on saying the bitter truth on air to the entire world concerning Nigeria, Buhari and all the well fed Biafran slaves, in the likes of Chris Ngige, Chibuike Amaechi and Orji Uzo Kalu on how they loot and murder Biafrans without provocation. As the saying goes "the truth will always be bitter " hated him for it and are hungrily looking for an excuse to execute an innocent man. He has already created the awareness, the Biafra in us and made the call of freedom to all Biafrans and we have answered that call which is, either we get Biafra or we all die. History will never forget this Great Man that stood against the suffering of his and took it upon himself, to set his people free. The world must know that Biafrans are much more determined to get to their promised land, than what they imagined.
From the beginning of Nigeria, Biafrans have always been in regrets because our freedom to live, to worship our God, to develop our beautiful land flowing with milk and honey, was taken from us. Despite the pains as a people that loves strives for the success, we keep working hard to ensure that we survive and get the best with whatever we have.
All the federal roads in the entire Biafra land are all death trap sending Biafrans to our early grave, government owned schools, all looks like abandoned properties and aren't functioning well as teachers are being owed over 11months salary, the core needs of life none can be found In Biafra land from proper medical care center to electricity, conducive environment and safe drinking water. A northerner comes from the desert and owns oil blocs in Biafra nation all in the guise of one Nigerian all our natural resources are nationalized, we have access to the sea, yet we don't fish or drink safe and healthy clean water because of oil spillage, in this abundance of water not even a single seaport is working in Biafra land. The marginalisation list is so long.
Nigerian government keep on using military might to clamp down our population, the two military operations with code names Operation Crocodile Smile and Operation Python Dance is a tactic initiated for torturing, humiliating, raping, maiming and murdering Biafrans without the world noticing this great injustice, Nigeria can no longer hide her atrocities on Biafrans as men with good hearts are waking up. General Buhari has inflicted on Biafrans wickedness that we can't even wish to an enemy, lives are being wasted like It means nothing. With impunity Nigerian Armed Forces have shot live bullets at unarmed people, human rights violations are on a high scale cause general Buhari is an unrepentant coup plotter who has little or no regards for other arms of government. Uncountable number of Biafrans are in detention cause they only desired to be free, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's Case explains what a tyrant General Buhari is, he should be at ICC answering for his crimes against humanity. With our sweat and blood, we will be free some day. We are marching forward.

By Chimezie Chigozie Editor Ugochinyere Onyechere For Umuchiukwu writers.
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