BIAFRA: Like the biblical John the Baptist during the biblical days, so it is today.The voice of our leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has gone forth to the hearing of lovers of truth. Prince Nnamdi Kanu is a noble Prince from a royal family, a voice for the voiceless, a defender of the oppressed, a fighter of injustice. Nnamdi Kanu remains a genuine Leader of BIAFRANS after the demise of Ojukwu. The world, refused, to understand that justice delayed, is equivalent, to justice denied. I have watched the recent agitation, quest, desire and demand for freedom by BIAFRANS under the leadership of Nnamdi Kanu, the Director of Radio BIAFRA London and leader of Indigenous People of BIAFRA (IPOB) Worldwide, I found out that this is indeed a resurrection back to a life of the BIAFRAN Spirit.This is not about sentiment but reality. The BIAFRANS were massacred simply because they are different people with a special gift, calling, and shares common determination to excel in all walks of life and to develop their potentials as a people and not as Nigerians. The British government both past and present sees this as a threat that they could not force BIAFRANS into agreeing to their selfish demands, or impose decisions on BIAFRANS that is why they adopted and accepted the northerners (the same people that rejected their Christianity) and encouraged them to seize the military through which they can humble & humiliate BIAFRANS. This plan has been ongoing for decades in which the North uses the military to clamp down on innocent unarmed BIAFRANS, killing & haunting them without remorse. The TRUTH is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is- Sir Winston Churchill(Prime Minister of Great Britain 1940-1945 and 1951-1955). Stated thus "the truth is incontrovertible ", it is overwhelming, and it is irresistible. It is powerful and beautiful.

Nothing empowers the Spirit more than the truth. Nothing warms the soul more than the truth. Nothing dispels the darkness more than the truth. Nothing emboldens the noble more than the truth. Nothing sheds light more than the truth. Nothing enlightens the ignorant more the truth. Nothing frees the enslaved more than the truth. Nothing liberates the mind more than the truth. Nothing purges the evil more than the truth. Nothing hurts the file more than the truth. Nothing troubles the murderous more than the truth. Nothing exposes the reprobate more than the truth. Nothing burns the slanderer more than the truth. Nothing chains the liar more than the truth. Nothing heals the wounded more than the truth. Nothing brings peace more the truth. Nothing torments the oppressor more than the truth. Nothing haunts the wicked more than the truth. Nothing punishes the tyrant more than the truth. Nothing humiliates the proud more than the truth. Nothing restores hope more than the truth. Nothing serves Justice more than the truth. Nothing delivers the captive more than the truth. It cannot be destroyed. It cannot be denied. It cannot be suppressed. It is eternal. It will always be revealed at the appointed time. It may be ignored for a season, but it will eventually resurface to torment the deceiver. With truth comes the opportunity to repent and to forgive.With truth comes justice, healing, peace, love, restoration, reconciliation, reparation, redemption, and the chance for a new beginning.
Without truth, there can be none of these blessings or virtues only darkness, deceit, ugliness, suspicion, hate, carnage, violence and the enthronement and celebration of bitterness and wretched souls. Without truth, evil grows from strength to strength. Without truth the wicked crush the innocent souls.Without truth, the oppressor continues to thrive and flourish but with truth the good rise and reach the top.Without truth, nations wither and perish, but with the truth, they prosper and excel. Yet what truth resides in our beleaguered country? A state that feeds fat on lies and revels in deceit. A country that refuses to teach it's children our history to cover up the many wrongs and injustices of the past. A country whose elders refers to the oppressed and disillusioned as desperate "miscreants". A country whose leaders refers to those that seek to enforce their legitimate rights as " money loving drug dealers and skilful scammers". A country that cannot make a distinction between those that seek to peacefully exercise their right of self-determination and those that terrorise, kill and maim others in an attempt to impose their faith.There is much truth that the Nigerian government and people must have to come to terms with before they can be at peace with themselves.
An ocean of blood has been shed in the name of a united Nigeria and yet the perpetrators of state-sponsored Violence's have never been brought to book.Many souls have been wasted in trying to keep Nigeria one.How much more blood has to be shed or flow before those that have ruled us from time immemorial, accept the fact that nations cannot be established by subjugation and tyranny but only by Justice, equity, truth, equal right for all & consensus. The fact of the Jos massacre in 1945 where hundreds, were slaughtered, cannot be denied.The truth of Kano riot in 1953 where thousand, were butchered, cannot be denied.The truth of the pogroms in the North in 1966 where hundreds of thousands were killed cannot be denied. The truth behind the illegal slaughter of millions of civilians, women and children between 1967-1969 during Nigeria's aggressive, genocidal war against defenceless people of BIAFRA cannot be denied. The truth of the Asaba massacre in 1969 where 1000 little boys and old men were rounded up in the town square and shot in the head by the Nigerian army cannot be denied.The truth of the massacre of hundreds of thousands of Christians and ethnic minorities all over the north and particularly in the Middle Belt throughout the 80's and 90's cannot be denied.The truth of political Shariah with its attendant violence, trauma,blood-letting and butchery from 2000-2003 in the far north cannot be denied. The bitter truth of Boko Haram and the cruel slaughter of hundreds of thousands of innocent Nigerians by Islamic fundamentalists in northern Nigeria from 2009 up until today cannot be denied.The truth of the murder of dozens of young Youth Corps and hundreds of other people in the far north in 2011(Buhari's instigated post-election violence)can not be denied. The truth of the brutal slaughter of innocent Nigerians by Fulani janjaweed jihadist, army/terrorist, disguised as herdsmen over the last 20 years and up until today cannot be denied.
Oh, Nigeria, who has bewitched thee?. Why do they hate the truth and those that speaks it with passion?.Whenever someone speaks the truth against injustice, they label him hate preacher.Like the ostrich, Nigeria has buried her head in the sand and has acted as if these things never happened.Nigeria refuse to acknowledge the evil within herself & declined to honour the dead by atoning for her sins and calling for retribution and justice. These terrible events cannot be denied and neither shall they be forgotten.The blood of the innocents that were slaughtered by these relentless Huns speaks through the ages and from generation to generation. Those blood cries out unto God in heaven and calls for vengeance.It is time for justice to be done.It is time for those that consistently kill and shed blood in their ignoble quest to rule us forever to be brought to book. It is time for those that starved millions of little children to death in the name of crushing BIAFRA to be exposed, tried & Justice executed on them. It is the time that those who seek to play down these events and who strive to cover up their complicity in his genocide be called out and shamed.It is a time that some of our elders and so called leaders presents to the International Criminal Court (ICC) for genocide and murder and for crimes against humanity.It is time for the old leaders and guardians of the Nigerian state to admit that they have built our so-called unity on nothing but murder, carnage, and blood guts and bones of millions of slaughtered innocents.
It is time for them to apologise to the Nigerian people for their insufferable conspiracy of silence and their insatiable greed. It is time for them to establish Justice by allowing BIAFRANS who has suffered the brunt of brutality from the Nigerian state to go(secede) to nurse their age-long wounds.It is time the continued militarisation of Biafra land stops, because what can never be can never be. Nations are formed by mutual understating, value system, tolerance and willingness to coexist as one people and not by gun, bullets, bloodshed, genocide, religious intolerance, hate, ethnic domination, etc. The arrest, detention and incarceration of the Leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, Prince Nnamdi Kanu cannot stop the ongoing agitation for freedom, the sleeping lion has awoken, the people of BIAFRA are more than ever resolute, determined to restore their homeland where their security is guaranteed. Biafra's freedom is legitimate and recognised internationally under the UN Charter of Indigenous People's Right. Nigeria which is a member of the United Nations (UN) and also a signatory to the said Charter law, cannot deny implementing the same law they vividly signed.
Buhari must know that what goes around comes around, his tenure as President of Nigeria is limited and cannot endure forever, he must also know that more powerful Kings, presidents more than him in the world's history that chooses the path of tyranny and wicked has all gone down the drain, he must know that Biafra's quest for freedom is a divine project of the MostHigh and that no man challenges the ELOHIM of Biafrans. Nebuchadnezzar, Pharoah, etc. did but were all humbled and disgraced by the MostHigh. Chiukwu-Okike-Abiama. Buhari must release Nnamdi Kanu unconditional and allow BIAFRA go peacefully or risk the wrath of the MostHigh. Nnamdi Kanu must not be killed or die in detention, or else everything in Nigeria including man and animals will all perish, and Somalia will become a paradise on earth to compare Nigeria.

By Chibuike Nwachiukwu, Editor, Ugochinyere Onyechere,
Published by Udeagha Obasi For Umuchiukwu Writers.
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