■ Author: Nwachiukwu Chibuike
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ 
■ December 23, 2016
I came across a word in Islam known as TAQQIYAH, and it only means calling for peace and harmony in the time of disagreement, conflict or war with the infidels (unbelievers or nonmuslims) to deceive them into accepting and embracing peace to destroy them unexpectedly (unawares).
This came to my knowledge considering what has been happening recently in the zoo called Nigeria; (1) the grazing bill, (2)the Fulani janjaweed Islamic jihadist terrorist disguised as herdsmen killings,
(3) Nigerian army/Boko Haram killings and bombings, (4) Satan of Sokoto's call for unity (5) Buhari's evil dream of Islamization of the entire Nigeria including BIAFRANS (6)proposed setting up of grazing centres across the length and breath of Nigeria by the Nigerian army, etc.
All these points to the word TAQQIYAH which they Subtly using to force embrace dialogue or peace with them by the (northern Islamic Empire of Nigeria) to remain ONE with them so that they could carry out their evil desires on BIAFRANS. I make bold to say that this is the subtle means by which Muhammed conquered the whole people of Arabian peninsula when he waged a jihad war to Islamize that region, people opposed him and his new Islamic faith, he waged war against them but could not succeed, later he devised a means to conquer them which is calling for peace and dialogue with his supposed enemies.
After they embraced peace, Mohammed subtly invaded, attack, massacred and destroyed them all thereby establishing an Islamic Caliphate or Empire starting from Mecca, today, the majority are now Muslims. Has anyone wondered why Buhari is killing members of IPOB, arrested and incarcerated our Leader Nnamdi Kanu, imprisoned many of BIAFRANS in various secret detention centres across Nigeria, bombing of BIAFRA land in the riverine areas, refusing to obey court orders, plotting how to jail Nnamdi Kanu and at the same time calling BIAFRANS for peace, unity with Nigeria?
BIAFRANS from all walks of like (politicians, business class, doctors, professors, students, etc. should look beyond all the gimmicks of this Islamic govt of Nigeria and focus on the task at hand which is the restoration of our beloved nation BIAFRA. BIAFRANS should not make a mistake by going into agreement with these demons in human clothing, bloodthirsty vampires whose only desire is to suck the blood of Biafrans because if we ever agree on anything with them, we are doomed as a race or people. We should all remember that the northern Muslims have great land mass, but they are very greedy to possess our lands too which means they will do everything in their power to destroy us and take over our lands. The killings going on in many parts of Nigeria and BIAFRA lands can testify to it. Nigeria is already doomed, and we must rise to reject, renounce the evil creation of the British and to put an end to the constant bloodshed and killings of our people.
In BIAFRA lies our freedom, security, development, advancement, growth, peace, happiness, harmony, love, joy, greatness, improvement, good life, etc. We must resist these agents of Lucifer, and embrace our creator Chiukwu-Okike-Abiama. I pity those who are helping the Islamic State Of Nigeria, into our affairs, because they do not know what they are doing. We call on all well meaning Biafrans, to work hard and remain resolute, because we must possess our inheritance.
Editor Ugochinyere Onyechere For Umuchiukwu Writers.
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