■ Author: Ugochinyere Onyechere

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■ December 19, 2016
Most Nigerians are ignorant of the fact that they are frantically hypocritical in nature. No doubts, that's the brain capacity of an average African man, especially a Nigerian. Regardless of nature, it's hypocritical of anyone who seeks for the unity that never existed. No one can cheat nature, in other words, change begins with you. Hence oil and water cannot mix together, it's awkward for anyone to think of unity in a country like Nigeria, where some regions are tagged minorities. A country like Nigeria shouldn't have existed in the first place because the abnormality of Nigeria's existence is based on its foundation. Every building with a wrong foundation is absolutely bound to fall someday. Just like the abominable and faultful foundation of Nigeria is inevitably falling. There's no need for pretence, the contraption called Nigeria has fallen. What could have been the pillar when a country is made up of different divergence, and diverse of religion and beliefs? Nigeria is the worst thing that happened to West Africa and the entire African race. The only benefit of Nigeria is equivalent to the unprecedented growth of the Western countries, e.g., the British government. Nigeria was an industrial structure made by the British government and other European countries. Quote me right "Nigeria was an industrial structure". I used the word "was" because Nigeria has expired and is a failed state indefinitely. Permit me to say that there has never existed a hell worse than Nigeria. The ironical creation of Nigeria is the only advantageous to Britain, due to the resources found in Biafra land. The white colonialists were fanatical about these resources and were desperate to captivate Africa because the land of the rising sun is the resurrection of Africa. Have you wondered why Africa has been unable to develop, even when it's clear that civilisation started in Africa? Captivating Biafra via the nonsensical term "one Nigeria", was the only way to degrade Africa. Have you wondered why the name "Biafra" sounds like an atomic bomb to the British government and the Islamic state of Nigeria? Take a good step to rethinking on the adverse effect that will be caused by the independence of Biafra. The northern Nigerians are the worst sets of people who ever lived on this earth. They are so ignorant, and archaic in nature. Not Willing to learn, rather too desperate to rule at all cost, without having anything upstairs. People that believed in killing only to appease their god. People that preferred to die while killing others, to make Paradise.

This has been the bone of contention, ascribed to the neutralisation of one Nigeria saga. How can you expect me to live with someone who only derives joy seeing me killed? One Nigeria, while my people are killed on a daily basis either as an infidel to the Islamic state or as a rebellion against the Nigerian government. Blaspheming Muhammad, your head will pay, then agitate to be free from them, there's no difference, your life will pay for it. Meanwhile, the same classified sets of people are the ones clamouring for one Nigeria. In the actual sense, one Nigeria saga is only practised by Biafrans. Instances include the rate of which Biafrans develop States and regions of the northern oligarchs while abandoning theirs, just to fulfil the principles and law, guiding oneness. The scenario is that no Hausa man can boast of any form of investment in Biafra land. I believe, this is what one Nigeria is all about. A Hausa man arrives Biafra land with an ordinary kettle and mat, either to work as a gateman or as a cattle rearer. But a Biafran will take development and industries to their land, only to appease them, yet it doesn't stop them from killing us. I could remember the Ariwa forum vividly, once staged a protest, calling for the division of Nigeria, some few years back, knowing fully well that Biafrans will be at stake, regarding their enormous investment in their region. But today, they have turn out to be wailing Wailers, calling for the nonnegotiable peace of the same country they once wished to be divided. Despite the fact that Biafra land has the economic structure of Nigeria, it's been controlled by the northern elites, yet it doesn't stop them from killing us. Take, for instance, this oil is located in the north, do you think Biafrans would have been striving for their freedom, talkless of engaging into war? Of course no! We would have been sent packing. But today, they are clamouring for one Nigeria because they can't lose their oil wells. These sets of people are clamouring for one Nigeria, while Biafrans are dying under every circumstance. They are clamouring for unity, while Fulani herdsmen are busy killing Biafrans, in their own land. They are clamouring for one Nigeria, while someone that sought for the freedom of his people is charged treasonable felony awaiting secret trial, while an Ariwa Boko Haram notorious killer was released, without trial.

They are clamouring for one Nigeria, while Nigerian security agencies are mounted every nook and crannies of Biafra land, ready to kill and disseminate Biafrans, despite the fact that we are peaceful people. They are clamouring for unity while peaceful protesters were shot dead with live bullets, none of them could condemn such act. They are clamouring for one Nigeria, while our seaports and international airports were shutdowns. It's obvious that they cannot think of any other solution, but to wail out their eyes. Instead of addressing the issue, they began to weep.
Self-determination is the rights of the indigenous people. Of what effect does it have, being imbibed into the constitution if not to be respected? Then why is the Nigerian government trying to jeopardise this law? What are they afraid of? Well, the authenticated truth is that you can't continue to kill, subjugate, torture, humiliate, violate, rape and convert our people, and still clamouring for one Nigeria. That is complete madness! Freedom of an independent Biafra is our priority, and we stand firm by it. Biafra restoration will determine the destiny of Africa. Oh! Africa shall be great again because her lost pride has been restored back. One Nigeria is and remains the greatest nightmare to hypocrites.

Editor Udeagha Obasi
For Umuchiukwu Writers.

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