B I A F R A BIAFRA: First, they kidnapped our Leader Maazi NNAMDI KANU thinking they have stopped the Biafran project without knowing that there are billions of Nnamdi Kanu out there. They bought a jamming device to jam Radio Biafra at the rate of 28million dollars, it failed, Radio Biafra is still broadcasting till eternity, waxing more stronger than ever imagined. They spent 20million naira bribing Ohaneze, Eastern governors persuading them to stop the Biafra's freedom agitation, it also failed. They tried labelling IPOB terrorist group, it also failed. They bribed some hungry youths to join our peaceful, protest to destroy peace so that the world will say IPOB is violent, lo and behold, it became abortive. Yoruba gutter brown envelop media lied that Onitsha Central Mosque was set ablaze by IPOB to tarnish the image of IPOB/Biafra, that led the almajiri bastards in Kano to burn down Igbo GSM market at Kano.The evil news of burnt mosque proved to be all lies because the said mosque was still under construction without a trace of any fire outbreak on it.
They promised that Igbos will produce the president of Nigeria come 2019 simply to dissuade IPOB to abandon their quest for freedom. Are they trying to play with the intelligence of IPOB or see IPOB as power hungry group that can be easily deceived? Or should I say that Buhari will easily give up without going for the second tenure come 2019?. They promised to develop Niger Delta or South-South overnight to make them reject Biafra which everyone including mad people on the street knows it is a scam and a big fraud. Why did they not develop it for almost over 100 years of Nigeria's probationary amalgamation period? The same Niger Delta they (northerners) rejected their son GEJ from governance by creating Boko Haram to destabilise his government & label him incompetent to make Nigerians see him as a weak leader. Thanks to Chiukwu-Okike-Abiama for NNAMDI KANU who by his authority, exposed their evil schemes against Biafrans.
They again brought out 50 million nairas to bribe Igbo elders, Ohaneze Ndi aguru, traditional rulers, etc. through National Orientation Agency (NOA), money that should be channelled to better the lives of the poor masses of Nigeria, they are wasting it to stop Biafra. Haha haha haha. Of a truth, Biafra has become the worst events in the lives of these fraudsters. Giving all these extensive resources, only to stop the agitation for Biafra, is a great achievement, and a sign that Biafra is here to stay. They shot and killed many IPOB members to frighten Biafrans from seeking their freedom, they thought Biafrans has forgotten 1945, 1966 till date about the killings of Biafrans in northern Nigerian cities, the pogrom and genocidal massacre of Biafrans all over Nigeria including the brutal war of aggression against defenceless people of Biafra in the year (1967-1970) in which not less than five million people were massacred. They sent their northern traditional rulers to see their eastern counterparts, they came and went to see Okoroawusa at Owerri. I ask when Okoroawusa has become a traditional leader? Or are they so daft that they cannot differentiate between a governor and a traditional ruler?
Initially, they at the corridors of power at Abuja were playing and acting to be superior, while Nnamdi Kanu keeps building the foundation once again. Like He mazi Nnamdi Kanu rightly said, "they will discuss Biafra whether they like it or not". The word of Prophet Nnamdi Kanu has come to pass. The last time I checked, every nook and crannies, born and unborn, old and young are all frantically talking about Biafra and devising means to stop the agitation. My goodness me! We are formidable. They are clamping down on prominent Igbos and their businesses simply because Igbos and the entire Biafrans are calling for their freedom. They have suddenly become pastors and preachers, definitely preaching love, non-existing unity and one Nigeria to Biafrans. If we are one as they claim, why the deliberate policies of Federal Government of Nigeria to cripple the economy of the Eastern region? Why is it that we have seaports in Calabar, Warri, Onitsha, Igweocha (Port Harcourt), but all is deliberately closed down by the FG of Nigeria? The same with international airports in Igweocha(Port Harcourt), Akwa Ibom, Enugu, Calabar. Why must Biafrans import their goods and services through Lagos seaport? Is it not the same Atlantic Ocean that runs through these Biafran cities? Or is it that ships conveying products to Cameroun, Gabon, etc. all fly in the air?
Bible says that everything happens for a purpose, all these moves by FG against Biafrans all proved one thing that Nigeria belongs to the northerners, they pretend we are one because of Biafra's oil wealth. Had it been the oil was found in the north, they would have seceded or ask the Biafrans to go their own way. They claim to love the Igbos or that we are one Nigeria but denies we Biafrans the opportunity to rule Nigeria as president, kill the Biafrans at will without any remorse. They hate the Biafrans with passion coupled with their religious beliefs that Christians are pigs and dogs, infidels who are only good for beheadings.
Biafrans have suffered and endured much from these people we call our brothers without knowing they hates us so much with passion, we have resolved to go after all the Lugard's 1914 Amalgamation Document Agreement of 100years has long expired, which means that Nigeria is long overdue for disintegration. We can be One United Africa together but not One Nigeria again, Nigeria can open their embassy while Biafra shall equally have an embassy in Nigeria for a diplomatic purpose. At this point in time, One Nigeria is down the pit of hell. Biafra is our right and identity.

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