Ha-ha-ha- Some people may be wondering why I had to start up my article with laughter, some may think that I have an amusing story to unleash, some may be thinking I probably represent some sense of humour!! However be it, I wish to state it categorically to some people and disappointedly as well to some others that I neither nurse the ambition to make any contest of superiority nor popularity with the already famous Comedians like Basketmouth and others nor have I any fascinating cradle song nor folklore to unleash! Just Nigeria and her shamelessness have I.

It is happening right before all proponents of ONE NIGERINISTS ,THE WORLD and the lovers of freedom and a Free BIAFRA NATION, the advocates of legal resolution and adherence to international laid down approach to the freedom of BIAFRA from Nigeria and that of our leader PRINCE PROPHET DR NNAMDI KANU, the leader of the indigenous people of BIAFRA Worldwide, how with impunity, rascality, ridicule, chauvinism, victimization, insensitivity, insensibility, negligence of jurisprudence and social justice system, nonchalance and disregard to court orders, which BUHARI AND BINTA NYAKO, the lately assigned presiding Judge over the case hearing of our leader Nnamdi Kanu, have taken to the desecration of justice system with impunity and pride and arrogance.

The court of law is said to be the last hope of the ordinary man but I doubt if the adage applies to a country like Nigeria where the justice system is eroded or better-off invaded by people like BUHARI and BINTA NYAKO, who have in their most absurdity laid better credence to the fact of the nation of Nigeria being a TRAVESTY of Nationhood.

The justice system in Nigeria unlike most civilized Worlds, is massively under attack and a subject of mutual bargain as BINTA NYAKO is now under obligation to her family to trade the unlawful jailing of our leader NNAMDI KANU for the release of her husband Murtala Nyako and son, who are currently undergoing trial for money laundering related offences with the EFCC.
Any sane mind will firstly ask if the arrogance being perpetrated by the duo of BUHARI and BINTA NYAKO his niece is what she was taught at the Nigerian law school or what she understood as a contemporary trend in the policy and judicial system Worldwide or is Nigeria useless and therefore does not Wish by her too many actions on daily basis to adopt the principles of the twenty-first century, where human life, safety, good governance and the rule of law remains a priority, or is Nigeria destined and designed as a sample on mediocrity to humanity?

What baffles me most is that BINTA NYAKO expressly and arrogantly stated with impunity that the Federal High Court of Nigeria is hers and that she must JAIL PROPHET DR NNAMDI KANU and that nothing will happen! This comment particularly makes an excellent exposure on the place of the judicial justice system in Nigeria, contrary to Globally acknowledged best practice. BINTA NYAKO must understand that her choice of words and actions will determine the acknowledgement she stands to get from OBSERVERS all over the World.

Moreover, BINTA NYAKO and MUHAMMADU BUHARI the Presiding chief judge and President of Nigeria respectively, must understand that the case trial of the leader of the Indigenous People Of BIAFRA WORLDWIDE, is not one of such cases she had the option and freedom to handle or treat with carelessness, as any such attempt must in all considerations, spell loosed-hell for the territory today recognized as Nigeria. The perpetrators and the citizenry and grasses within and outside.

Finally, let he who has ears hear, for what is to come is greater and mightier. And no one will escape his or her rewards. Nyako Binta should take note, and retrace her steps. I implore all Nigerians and lovers of freedom Worldwide, to Voice out against the impunity of MUHAMMADU BUHARI and BINTA NYAKO NOW!!!!!!!! or REMAIN SILENT FOREVER.

Editor, Ugochinyere Onyechere,
For Umuchiukwu Writers.
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