"Scottish Leader Puts Trump On Notice In Model Response To His Win

I urge everybody here to read the article above before continuing with my comment below. The person who provided the link to the article talked about the KKK and the ignorance associated with the election of Trump as the president of the USA.

After reading the article, the only ignorance I see is the one oozing from these people with PhD and MD appended to their names. Because you have a PhD or MD does not mean you are a logician or a philosopher or a thinker. This is also true about Wole Soyinka. Because Soyinka lived in America a zillion years and because he wrote some books in literature does not automatically mean he understands America and the American political system. I’d rather live in a neighborhood infested with the members of KKK than to live in a community populated by some of these pseudo-intellectuals from Nigeria. Michael Moore does not have a college degree (he dropped out of college after one year). Yet, he understands the American politics and society more than all the Nigerians presently in America put together.

What does the article say?

The article claims the following:

1) Nigel Farage of the UK Independence Party is happy that Trump won the election in USA.
Nigel Farage initiated and fought for Brexit. He supported Trump’s run for US Presidency.

2) Nicola Sturgeon of the Scottish National Party is unhappy that Hillary Clinton did not win the election in USA. She is the Scottish First Minister and she supported Hillary Clinton's run for US Presidency.

3) The adoption of Brexit has since “created an environment in which hate crimes have increased significantly” in UK

My friends, get these things through your thick skull:

A) The British people spoke their mind in a democratic election. They adopted Brexit for themselves and for their posterity. That is their business. That is their country. That is their heritage from their founding fathers. Their history is replete with violence and wars and revolutions and counter-revolutions which they understand more than you do.

😎 The American people spoke their mind and made their choice in a democratic election. They chose Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. This is their business. Their choice is based on what they know about their past history, their present economic and social realities. It is their country, not yours.

C) UK and USA are not your countries. You are only there because you do not have a country or because your own stupid people in Africa are not smart enough to understand that bloody revolutions and counter-revolutions were necessary before the current economic and political conditions in UK and US became the reality. These other people fought and died for their beliefs before they fashioned their current political and economic systems. You did not participate in their past struggles and revolutions, but you are in their countries today like parasites benefiting from the blood they spilt to get what they have today

D) Trump will eventually become the friend of both Nicola Sturgeon and Nigel Farage. They will all work together for the collective interests of their people. Whether or not you want to believe it, they will all eventually gang together against your aspiration for Biafra because their economic interests trump their moral and Christian beliefs. In other words, those three leaders will work together to first choose to satisfy their economic needs before they look into your cry for freedom, especially if your cry for freedom gets into their way of exploiting your resources in Africa.

E) Your problem is you, not Donald Trump, not Nicola Sturgeon, and not Nigel Farage.
These people did not make you divisive and egotistical by nature. They did not force you to continue to work against each other.
Your behavior is your own making.

F) We know what Donald Trump said about Islamic terrorism and Islamic terrorists around the world. We also know what Islamic terrorism and Islamic terrorists have done to us in Biafraland since the time of Ahmadu Bello. The members of KKK are not today occupying our land in Biafraland. Rather, Islamic terrorists and their supporters are our problem in Biafraland today. Leaders like Nicola Sturgeon and Angela Merkel believe in inclusive politics where Islamic terrorists are accommodated. Leaders like Donald Trump and Nigel Farage are against Islamic terrorists and against accommodation of terrorists and illegal aliens. They have the right and duty to think and do as they wish in their own nations.

G) You will never get Biafra by befriending Barak Obama, Nicola Sturgeon and Angela Merkel. It will never happen. It has not happened todate because they get the crude oil in your Biafraland at reasonable prices under the control of Islamic terrorists. If Donald Trump hates Islamic terrorists, or if he starts fighting them in earnest then you will be a fool to continue to think that leaders like Barak Obama, Nicola Sturgeon and Angela Merkel are best associated with Biafra.

H) Organize yourselves into one united organization with yearly budget in millions of dollars. This is the only way you can successfully lobby Republican politicians in USA to help you to get Biafra – when Trump begins to fight Islamic terrorists. Anything else is a wishful thinking not based on facts, not based on history, and not based on the past dealings of these people with our people in Biafraland.

I) Democracy is not about your ego or about your condescending attitude or about how many degrees you have. Rather, democracy is about participation and making demands from those in authority with power to effect changes. Nobody owes you anything. Nobody owes us any honor, any duty, or any support. Barak Obama, Nicola Sturgeon and Angela Merkel do not owe us any honor, or duty or support. Obama is black, but he has given more deadly guns to Buhari with which to wipe out all the people in Biafraland. Stop emoting like an idiot and start thinking like an adult."
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