BIAFRA: Every human being stands a chance of becoming a role model to the rest of generations unborn so also nature requires everyone to leave a legacy behind that may give a banner-path to future generations. Despite the usage of proceedings in Common Law, Young Lawyers ought to preserve in their aspirations whom will possibly provide them with the road-map when touring the paths of Law as students of Law. Is understandable that Nigeria Judicial system, has left nothing useful to young generation to carry on as duty-pass to their children unborn. The judicial system of today needs one who will defend it from destruction and total doom even when Biafrans leaves, Justice Nyako; will you be the one? Or will you allow to be used continuously as a tool to tell the world that Nigeria can not provide just one Lawyer who can stand taller than all odds of evils inform of corrupt practices and nepotism?
Let me just approach you ordinarily. Binta Nyako, I'm sure that the first day you stood up to say "I want to become a Lawyer" and proceeded to Law school, your intention would have been to defend humankind and uphold uprightness. It would also have been, have children that will be proud of their mother who will leave behind unlimited-legacy until end of being. Now, it appears that such dreams are gradually and subsequently changing. You are slowly being roped into politics, where money sub changes goals. Let's agree that you may have been offered heaven and earth to sell your prestige and respect which you have preserved over the years ago, what message and joy will it give ones looking up to you as a mother, grandmother, heroine of Law, upright mother and as the voice of the voiceless? Of cause, nothing either.
Before you avail your lifetime struggle, personality, self-esteem, value, true happiness and legacy which ought to speak for you when you are no more just for destruction and humiliation, I will urge you to cease the case of Biafra and Dr Nnamdi Kanu as an opportunity to mark a remark. Is understandable how far and foolish we human beings may choose to deviate sometimes consciously or subconsciously, (maybe, because of some side attractions like money, nepotism and closeness) to destroy things that matter most in our lives. Do not allow selfishness of another close selfish about destroy or deprive you and your children you are over aged respects. In real terms, Nigeria can still have business cooperation with Biafra after being separated peacefully, and your names will be remembered for good and amongst those who will not be bought over, no matter the relationship involved.
Other countries have passed through ups and downs without losing any soul, and you may be an excellent tool to work it out same way without War or fight. Then, I ask what will you be remembered for when you are gone; the instrument to cause civil war or tool to cause civil peace? There are some pitfalls around you Justice Binta Nyako and we Biafrans wish you fight them now than later to avoid WAR. You can not be used as sacrificial Lamb by one who does not understand what life means. Biafra is Biafrans last hope, and no man or woman can change that. By Prince Richmond C. Amadi
Editor Udeagha Obasi For UmuChiukwu Writers
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