In view of the report coming from the Amnesty International confirming the unprovoked and systematic slaughter of unarmed law abiding IPOB members protesting for the release of their imprisoned leader without trial and violation of his human rights to free speech, association and movement, you can now justify why the Biafrans have without reservation and hesitation decided to move away from Nigeria.


The Nigerian President is a liar and has lied so many times, so are his top Army Commanders. If you can lie thinking there were no evidence and then continue to lie with overwhelming evidence against you, that there classifies you as shameless, classless, raw, unprofessional and a disgrace to humanity. I am not in anyway surprised because a murderer will not need reason to kill you but will do so especially if they have a hidden agenda which the Boko Haram Northern/Western Nigeria Army have which are to hinder and prevent your progress, take over your land and the resources therein and then islamize you.


Col. Sami Usman the Amnesty International know that you, your, President who is your Commander in Chief, your soldiers who collect money from poor defenceless Biafrans and most of them who get shot for not coming up with the money have no reputation to tarnish
Even your British Handlers have a name for you and the world know your bad reputation as "fantastically corrupt". Your army is more of a nuisance to the civilians than to other opposing forces. Your army is only powerful when it comes to question of unarmed civilians you were supposed to protect.

The Sun newspaper, this is the 3rd time I am reading false headline from your publication. Why will the south east Senators send probe of pro- Biafra agitators? You want to write about Biafra do so correctly we do not welcome shady headlines. Any ambiguity in heading is as such.


What investigation/s are you calling for? The IPOB under the leadership of Nnamdi Kanu have been hammering on these atrocities, more over is this news to you Senators? You are waiting for an International Group/s to authenticate and validate that your people were slaughtered without provocation. The Fulani Boko Haram herdsmen are devastating your community and your back yard, what appropriate action have you taken?

Mr. Enyinnaya Abaribe your position when it comes to your request to probe is lukewarm at least you are better than the governor's. Buhari will not do any kind of investigation on the crimes that he initiated and carried out against you and your people. How long have we been calling for the unconditional release of Our leader Nnamdi Kanu? I guess none of you will press for his unconditional release until a foreign government points out to you that his detention constitutes gross human right violation.

We the IPOB will not flinch these young boys are fighting for their future and that of their children and grandchildren which the Fulani Thief in the name of BUHARI is trying to take away from them. You Biafrans should make it a point of duty to listen to radio Biafra and the Biafran newspapers you must be aware of your surroundings and what is happening. Nnamdi Kanu told you so, he called it the way he saw it and the truth is always bitter. This why he is in detention and falsely as I may say.

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